Qurius omzet groei in Spanje 14% in 2007

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Lezers Schrijven 30/11/2007 11:53
José María Sánchez, general director of the firm, believes that the software as service will change completely the face of the channel of distribution.

Watermark-Qurius goes wind in stern after suffering a pothole in 2004. José María Sánchez, the chief of the integrator of applications, confirms that the company already registered some benefits (Ebitda) of 850,000 euro and a total billing of 11.8 million, and for the present exercise expects to reach the 13.5 million, what will suppose a growth of the activity of the 14%. Nevertheless, while the business with Baan is stagnant (is reduced the maintenance of the base installed), the one that revolves around Microsoft Dynamics (Navision and Axapta) grows to a rhythm of the 30%, four faster times than the market of the software of management in Spain. So fast it goes the thing that Sánchez, that indicates that its firm is the one that more bills by the management applications sale of Microsoft in Spain, by in front of IBdos and Ibermática, recognizes that in these moments is difficult to find technicians specialized in these tools that be capable of carrying to good port all the projects of establishment that leave. In the environment of the Microsoft CRM, the demand enlarges to a rhythm of the 180%. On the other hand, the responsible for Watermak-Qurius the one that will pass to be called only Qurius next January, as already passes in the remainder of Europe) believes that in the next years three tendencies in the agitated world of the software of management will coexist: on the one hand, will continue being fundamental for the ISV and partners of Microsoft, SAP or Oracle to deepen in the verticalización; besides, according to Sánchez, the cat will be carried Al Supplier that manage to connect with possible the greater simplicity the ERP with all the tools that dominate in the desk of the user, like the e-mail or the office automation; and, finally, is going to go winning positions the model that already preconiza Microsoft of software as service, what will suppose a total change in the forms of acting of the channel of distribution. In fact, the executive is convinced that this will be again the theme star of the next world meeting of partners of Microsoft, that will be celebrated in July in Denver.

Finally, Sánchez also explains the advantages that brings to Watermark the fusion with Qurius, a firm that operates in Holland and Belgium. "Qurius quotes in market and that has supposed that now we have many more available financial resources. Besides, Qurius, that counts on 10 competences of Microsoft [Watermark only has 4], has also a powerful business of infrastructure that will permit us to give a more global offering to the clients. Besides, also they give services negotiated in remote of security or updating of applications".

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