World premiere: DB and Siemens present the first self-driving train

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Beleggingsadvies 13/10/2021 09:23
- S-Bahn Hamburg: Hanseatic city is pioneering digital rail operations
- Passengers benefit from expanded rail services and greater punctuality

Deutsche Bahn (DB) and Siemens Mobility have developed the world’s first train that operates by itself in rail traffic. Dr. Richard Lutz, CEO of DB, and Dr. Roland Busch, CEO of Siemens AG, together with Dr. Peter Tschentscher, Mayor of Hamburg, presented the train today as it made its premiere run as part of the Digital S-Bahn Hamburg project.
Press Release | 11 Oct 2021 | Siemens Mobility
Austrian region Styria gets sustainable, future-proof power distribution from Siemens
Medium-voltage switchgear at Münichtal substation uses clean air technology
Innovative insulating medium consists of components from ambient air
Fluorine gas-free power distribution solution enhances sustainability of Energie Steiermark Group
The Münichtal substation of Energie Steiermark Group in Austria now has a sustainable medium-voltage switchgear from Siemens. The power distribution system has been in operation since the end of 2020 and has just been officially handed over to the customer after a trial period. This is the first installation of fluorine-gas free switchgear from Siemens’ climate-friendly blue portfolio at a customer site in Austria.
Press Release | 07 Oct 2021 | Smart Infrastructure
Siemens acquires Wattsense to boost IoT systems for small and medium buildings
Acquisition of French startup Wattsense expands Siemens’ building automation offering for small and mid-size buildings
Supports a wider range of buildings in reducing energy use and improving comfort through digitalization
Wattsense to remain a separate, standalone unit within Siemens
Siemens Smart Infrastructure has completed the acquisition of French startup Wattsense, a hardware and software company which offers an innovative, plug-and-play IoT management system for small and mid-size buildings, expanding Siemens’ building products portfolio. Wattsense was started in 2017 and is headquartered in Dardilly, near Lyon, France.
Press Release | 06 Oct 2021 | Smart Infrastructure
Expo 2020 Dubai opens as a future city blueprint, digitalized with Siemens technology
The Dubai Expo site, with infrastructure connected by Siemens digital technology, provides a template for smart cities globally
Siemens designed a web-based smart city app for site managers to optimize efficiency, save energy, curb emissions and enhance safety
Siemens guests at Expo can immerse themselves in an interactive experience about digitalization of infrastructure, manufacturing and transportation
Expo 2020 Dubai has opened to the world, with Siemens providing technology to ensure the site’s buildings and other infrastructure become part of a lasting legacy.
Press Release | 05 Oct 2021 | Smart Infrastructure
Siemens Mobility Completes acquisition of Sqills, a leading rail software provider
Sqills is a leading Software as a Service (SaaS) provider for inventory management, reservation, and ticketing software
The acquisition highlights Siemens Mobility’s dedication to developing its software portfolio for digital intermodal and connected mobility solutions
Siemens Mobility has completed the acquisition of the Netherlands based company Sqills. Sqills is a leading provider in the provision of cloud-based inventory management, reservation, and ticketing software to public transport operators around the world. Sqills will be managed as separate legal entity and wholly owned subsidiary of Siemens Mobility, a structure that will allow Sqills to strengthen its leading position in offering innovative, smart, and comprehensive mobility solutions.
Press Release | 05 Oct 2021 | Siemens Mobility
Siemens expands its Industrial Edge offering for machine tools
Two new edge devices enable scalability of industrial edge offering for machine tools
Analyze My Workpiece /Capture now also captures data from external sensors
Software applications available via Machine Tool Software Store
Siemens is expanding its Industrial Edge offering for machine tools with two new edge devices. In addition to the already available IPC227E, there is now the IPC127E, an entry-level device, and the IPC427E, the most powerful edge device for machine tools. The IPC127E serves as an entry-level solution to provide connectivity and performance for simple use cases. With the IPC427E, Siemens is launching a device with sufficient computing power to meet the demands of AI-based edge applications and sophisticated data analytics. The new Simatic ET200 adapter also offers the possibility of connecting additional external sensors and acquiring their data at a sampling rate of up to 10kHz. For this purpose, the already known edge application Analyze MyWorkpiece /Capture has received an update. In addition to data on the workpiece, tool and tool path, this app can now also record data from external sensors in high temporal resolution. As a novelty, the app can also stream process data via MQTT to an external MQTT endpoint. In addition, users can visualize the workpiece of a 5-axis machining operation with the newly developed online coordinate retransformation from the machine coordinate system to the workpiece coordinate system. This is interesting because the visualization of the machining axes in visualization applications such as Analyze MyWorkpiece /Toolpath gives no indication of the machined workpiece. All other recorded data can subsequently be visualized and analyzed with Analyze MyWorkpiece /Toolpath. The insights gained enable optimization of the CAD/CAM model and the generated NC program. In addition, Analyze MyWorkpiece /Toolpath now allows the creation of a realistic surface reconstruction using process data recorded with Industrial Edge for Machine Tools. This allows the workpiece quality to be evaluated before a workpiece has even been manufactured, because the surface reconstruction also works with process data from an air cut.
Press Release | 30 Sep 2021 | Digital Industries
Intelligent valve from Siemens combines energy efficiency and comfort uniquely
Up to 37% energy savings for cooling and ventilation
Adaptive Flow Optimizer and continuous self-optimization
Self-test reports for easy documentation of settings data
The Intelligent Valve from Siemens Smart Infrastructure, a self-optimizing, dynamic valve with cloud connection, now has an Adaptive Flow Optimizer, which is unique on the market. This technology, as well as new features such as automatic presetting, continuous optimization of the delta T limitation (?T) and system-generated reports, make it possible to achieve cost and energy savings while maintaining comfort for the building occupants. For the first time, actions are autonomously evaluated and executed by the Intelligent Valve and communicated to the building operator.
Press Release | 30 Sep 2021 | Smart Infrastructure
Regensburg/Danube Valley rail network orders new Mireo trains from Siemens Mobility
Siemens Mobility to build 23 4-car Mireo trains for the Regensburg/Danube Valley rail network
The Mireo trains will be delivered to operator agilis in 2024
Commissioning by December 2024
Siemens Mobility has received an order to build 23 4-car Mireo trainsets for rail operator agilis Eisenbahngesellschaft mbH & Co. KG, a subsidiary of BeNEX GmbH. The trainsets will be delivered for the Regensburg/Danube Valley rail network in 2024 and are scheduled to enter passenger service in December that year. The Bavarian Railways Company (Bayerische Eisenbahngesellschaft or BEG), which plans, finances and controls regional and commuter rail operations on behalf of the state of Bavaria, had called for bids for new trains for parts of its network. The Mireo trains will serve on the new RE Line 50 (Nuremberg – Regensburg – Plattling) and the RB Line 51 (Neumarkt – Regensburg – Plattling).
Press Release | 29 Sep 2021 | Siemens Mobility
Siemens to supply the new generation of its CNC control system to produce electric drive housings for the BMW plant in Steyr
Sinumerik One is in operation at the BMW Group plant in Steyr, Austria
High performance through integrated Simatic S7-1500F
Siemens supplies automation hardware and software to the BMW Group. The automation solution includes, among other things, the new generation of the Sinumerik One CNC control, which offers digital possibilities to increase productivity in production. The new automation portfolio will be used at the Steyr production plant in Austria to produce the electric drive housing. It will also help to transform production for the digital age. Siemens and the BMW Group have a long-standing partnership. The success of both companies is based on driving innovation and developing forward-looking technologies, while at the same time focusing on sustainability.
Press Release | 28 Sep 2021 | Digital Industries
Siemens shows extended hardware and software offering for Sinumerik One at EMO Milano
New NCU 1740 for higher scalability of Sinumerik One
Sinumerik Run MyRobot /Direct Control V2.0 and Run MyRobot /Direct Handling V2.0 available for Sinumerik One
New functions for the Digital Twin in Create MyVirtual Machine and Run MyVirtual Machine
Siemens is expanding its offering for the "Digital Native" CNC Sinumerik One. Two years after its market launch, the technology company is presenting numerous innovations in hardware and software for the Sinumerik One at EMO Milano and the virtual Siemens Machine Tool Days. In this context, Siemens is demonstrating how the powerful machine tool controller can be used in a highly productive, flexible, and modular way and in the best possible way for digital transformation. In terms of hardware, the new NCU 1740 complements the existing NCU 1750 and 1760 as well as the PPU 1740, thus expanding its use in modular machines.
Press Release | 27 Sep 2021 | Digital Industries

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