Qurius: the new collaboration of SCICOM for Warehouse Management

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Beleggingsadvies 22/09/2007 16:35
Qurius: the new collaboration of SCICOM for Warehouse Management, Logistics and Transportation Agreement of collaboration with the Dutch company Qurius signed the SCICOM for the representation of enterprising solutions first in Greece and the Balkans.

The SCICOM, with this collaboration, strengthens still more a lot portfolio her completed solutions in the space of Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Afterwards the achieved solution that it has imports in the space retail with the product LS Retail of Landsteinar, now it enters with solution of international specifications and in the space of Logistics for the sectors of Warehouse Management (WMS) and Transport Management (TMS).

The line of products Q-Logistics (Q-WMS and Q-TMS) the Qurius, constitutes dynamic, flexible and functionnal solution with extensive functionalism in the Management of Storage and Distribution of products (Privately-owned deposits, 3PL, Refrigerators, etc), based on the ERP Microsoft Dynamics NAV and functions through a single completed enterprising environment. ` Is our strategic choice to offer completed solutions in ka'cetes markets as we engraved with the LS Retail for the space of Retail. Djavle'pontas that the ` Deposit should function omogenopojime'na with the remainder ERP, we selected the Q-Logistics that constitutes completion of Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP. Objective our is we provide in the customers our solutions of international specifications, reliable and epekta'sjmes for their better and more complete service, comments the Mr. P. Kokala'kis, Chairman of SCICOM.

With regard to the Qurius The Qurius was founded in 1990 and is found in the list of Euronext Amsterdam from 1998. her recent fusion with the
Watermark him renders one from the bigger collaborators of Microsoft Dynamics in Europe. It is activated in the growth and the management of Operational Applications and infrastructures based on the technology of Microsoft with main focus in concrete sectors as that of Logistics. I Qurius ej'naj Gold Certified Partner & ` Inner Circle Member' microsoft.

It serves above 1.700 customers from her offices in Belgium, in Denmark, in Germany, in Italy, in Holland, in Norway, in Spain, in England and in Sweden. The company possesses leading place in Holland and Spain. In order to it provides most optimal value and her completed innovation in international pelatolo'gjo' it has constituted the FAQT Group and the Global Alliance. Has in her potential above 725 employees and her seat is in Holland. Mission of statement with email

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