Corbion enters the human nutrition industry with portfolio of Omega-3 and Omega-9 ingredients for dietary supplements

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Overig advies 03/05/2023 08:45
With the launch of its new AlgaVia™ product line, the global innovator addresses the demand for sustainable, highly concentrated omegas ingredients.

Corbion, a global market leader in algae-based feed ingredients, announced today its expansion into the human nutrition industry through its new AlgaVia™ product line. Offering both sustainability and feasibility, the highly concentrated omegas-rich ingredients are produced sustainably and at scale through algae fermentation, aiming to reduce pressure on marine resources as well as the carbon footprint associated with the production of dietary supplements.

The introduction of the AlgaVia™ product line comes at a time of increased demand for active nutrition products, with the worldwide human nutrition industry expected to reach $566.8 billion by 2028.

"At Corbion, we are dedicated to addressing the nutrition and sustainability challenges of our day and age, and our entrance into the human nutrition space is emblematic of that commitment," said Ruud Peerbooms, President of Corbion Algae Ingredients. "We will continue to champion innovative, science-based solutions and work with our customers to provide essential nutrients that most people need more of in their diets."

The AlgaVia™ algae oil portfolio features products rich in omega-3s and omega-9s that provide building blocks for achieving the precision and higher concentrations it takes to support and promote brain cognition, mood, immunity, and eye and heart health in humans. Available to supplement manufacturers through leading omegas refiners and concentrators, the portfolio is built to address the world's most pressing nutritional and sustainability challenge. The practical innovation behind AlgaVia™ products enables the delivery of natural active nutrients for healthy human development, disease prevention, and well-being through sustainable biotechnology. The production of these ingredients, and the ingredients themselves, align with current consumer trends, including demand for products that have minimal environmental impact with low carbon footprint and zero impact on the ocean, and that offer plant-based and vegan choices.

Corbion's algae technology platform begins with microalgae collected in nature. After several years of research and development, the company has assembled a library of more than 9,000 strains, improved and developed for use in active nutritional ingredients. The unique R&D platform built by Corbion uses a high-throughput process to isolate thousands of cells per minute to determine which variant has the exact lipid and DHA content to bring to scale. The company tests 9,000 samples weekly to achieve maximum productivity under optimized and carefully controlled conditions.

"We're at the start of a new journey," comment Bruna Ferraz, Algae Technology Manager and Juliano Botelho, Algae Fermentation Production Manager at Corbion. "We intend to continue expanding, adding more new active nutritional ingredients to our portfolio, maintaining a clear focus on delivering positive impact for our customers and their customers."


Corbion enters the human nutrition industry with portfolio of Omega-3 and Omega-9 ingredients for dietary supplements

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