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Overig advies 24/01/2023 10:41
• Sigma Lithium announces the initiation of the commissioning of the Dense Medium Separation module of the production plant (the “Greentech Plant”) one month ahead of schedule and within budget.
o Commissioning of the crushing module of the Greentech Plant is also ahead of schedule and projected to have first ore crushed mid-February.
• The Company remains on track to commence commercial production in April 2023 and expects to start generating cash flow in the second quarter this year, producing battery grade environmentally and socially sustainable lithium concentrate (“Battery Grade Sustainable Lithium”).
• Brian Talbot, Sigma Lithium’s Chief Operating Officer, will continue to lead operations on site in Brazil.
o Mr. Talbot has been instrumental to the successful execution of the Greentech Plant optimized design and detailed engineering and has played a pivotal role in the construction and commissioning of the project since joining the Company in 2021.
• Ana Cabral-Gardner continues to be the Chief Executive Officer of the Company and will continue as Co-Chair of the Board.
o Ms. Cabral-Gardner has been sharing the helm of Sigma Lithium for the past five years during which she has and will continue to serve on the Finance, Technical and ESG committees of the Board.
o She has led Sigma Lithium to become a global pioneer in environmental and social sustainability within the battery supply chain.
• Gary Litwack has been appointed as a Non-Executive Co-Chair of the Board and will serve together with Ana Cabral-Gardner.
o Mr. Litwack has been Sigma Lithium’s Lead Independent Director. He serves as the Chair of the Audit Committee and has been a Director since the Company went public in 2018.
• Rodrigo Menck has been named Chief Financial Officer of Sigma Lithium.
o Mr. Menck will be working closely with Felipe Peres, the prior Chief Financial Officer, who will remain as part of the Finance Team leadership in the capacity of Senior Advisor to the Company.
o Mr. Menck joined the Company last year from Nexa Resources, a NYSE listed mining producer with assets in Brazil and other countries.
o Calvyn Gardner, who had been Co-Chief Executive Officer and Co-Chair, will remain as a Director of the Company.

VANCOUVER, CANADA – (January 23, 2023) – SIGMA Lithium Corporation (“Sigma Lithium” or the “Company”) (NASDAQ: SGML, TSXV: SGML), dedicated to powering the next generation of electric vehicles with environmentally and socially sustainable high-purity lithium, today announced initiation of commissioning of its dense medium separation processing plant, one month ahead of schedule. It also announces certain leadership changes as it evolves with commissioning and operational readiness for commercial production of Battery Grade
Sustainable Lithium expected to commence this April on schedule and within budget.
Brian Talbot will continue to lead operations as Chief Operating Officer of Sigma Lithium. Mr. Talbot has been working with the Company since 2021, leading the operating team on site playing an instrumental role in the
execution of project commissioning. He also serves on the Company’s Technical Committee.
Ana Cabral-Gardner, previously Co-CEO, continues as CEO of Sigma Lithium. She will also continue as Co-Chair
of the Company’s Board of Directors. Ms. Cabral-Gardner has been at the helm of Sigma Lithium since 2018,
leading it to become a global pioneer in environmental and social sustainability within the battery supply chain.
As part of the transition, Gary Litwack, currently Sigma Lithium’s Lead Independent Board Director, has been
appointed Non-Executive Co-Chair of the Board. Mr. Litwack currently serves as the Chair of the Audit Committee
of the Company and has been a Director of the Company since it went public in 2018.
Further, in preparation for evolving financial reporting responsibilities as the Company transitions from developer
to producer, Rodrigo Menck, who joined the Company in 2022, has been named Chief Financial Officer of Sigma
Lithium. Felipe Peres, former Chief Financial Officer, will continue to work closely with the Finance Team in the
capacity of Senior Advisor to the Company. Mr. Menck has roughly 30 years of experience in finance and capital
markets. He has spent the last 15 years leading finance functions for large corporations, including most recently
with Nexa Resources, the mining company of the Votorantim group in Brazil, where he served from 2019 to 2022
as CFO. Prior to his corporate experience, Mr. Menck spent close to 15 years in global financial institutions such
as BankBoston, Itaú, WestLB, Citi and BNP Paribas. He holds an MBA in Economics from the University of São
Paulo, is a Certified CFO by the Brazilian Institute of Financial Executives, and a certified board member by the
Brazilian Institute of Corporate Governance.
Calvyn Gardner, who had been Co-CEO and Co-Chair of the Board, will remain on the Board of Directors.
“On behalf of the Company’s Board, employees and the entire Sigma team, I would like to thank Calvyn for his
contributions to the Company. I have personally learned a great deal from Calvyn and I am truly honoured to have
served by his side at Sigma for almost seven years”, said Ana Cabral-Gardner, Sigma Lithium CEO and Co-Chair.
Sigma Lithium (NASDAQ: SGML, TSXV: SGML) is a company dedicated to powering the next generation of
electric vehicle batteries with environmentally sustainable and high-purity lithium.
Sigma Lithium has been at the forefront of environmental and social sustainability in the EV battery materials
supply chain and it is currently commissioning its wholly owned Grota do Cirilo Project in Brazil. The Project is
expected to produce 766,000 tonnes annually (or 104,200 LCE annually) of battery grade sustainable lithium
concentrate in a state-of-the-art Greentech lithium plant that uses 100% renewable energy, 100% recycled
water and 100% dry-stacked tailings. Please refer to the Company’s technical report entitled “Grota do Cirilo
Lithium Project, Aracuai and Itinga Regions, Minas Gerais, Brazil, Updated Technical Report” dated October 31st
2022, which is filed on SEDAR and is also available on the Company’s website.
For more information about Sigma Lithium, visit

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