Qurius, beramigo, supplier of food for dogs, integrates all its areas of business and gives backup Al growth with Microsoft Dynamics AX

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The group shares now unique data and counts on a greater visibility of the assembly of the operations.
Iberamigo, distributor of diet and accessories for dogs, has established the ERP Microsoft Dynamics AX, of the hand of the consulting one Watermark Qurius, to integrate the different areas of business of the business. The group shares now data úncos and reliable, and counts on a greater visibility of the assembly of the operations of the business. The new system will give backup Al growth that the business has lived in recent years.

The responsible for Iberamigo they sought an easy, standard system to utilize, fast to set in motion, that unified all the sources of data and that gave cover to the requests of business and the growth of Iberamigo. Another critical aspect for the business is the control of promotions, whose evolution is necessary to know in every moment. Watermark Qurius Spain established Dynamics AX inside the time limit stipulated, putting in operation modules that cover all the business management of Iberamigo, from finances, purchases, sales, management of clients and projects to EDI or management advanced of stores by means of Radio Frequency. It it has supplied to the company the real integration of the different areas, sharing reliable and unique data among them and having greater visibility of all its operations.

Cinebank, Spanish distributor of audiovisual material, expedites its service Al clente with Microsoft Dynamics Ax

PDF in Spaniard of 4 pages

Cinebank is a Spanish business specialized in the importing, installation and maintenance of machines expendedoras of movies of video, DVDs and videogames. Since its starts, the company included two very basic programs that took charge of compiling very superficial information of the daily management of the clients and to carry out the corresponding billing. The company established Microsoft Dynamics AX. We hang the case of implementation.

The group chose this solution by its flexibility and capacity to integrate all the processes of the company, since its commercial network to its technical support. After the implementation, Cinebank has perceived an improvement of the service Al client, automatic and useful information for the business, facility of management of the solution and optimization of the processes

The Circuit of Catalonia implements the ERP Microsoft Dynamics AX for the management of all its lines of business

PDF in Spaniard of 3 pages

Besides the large sports events as the GP of Formula 1 and the Championship of the World of Motorcycling, the Circuit of Catalonia has diversified its lines of business to the management of events for businesses, incentives for employees, courses of conduction, filming of advertising commercials or management of its 15,000 associates. For it, as well as the exponential increase of employees the days of careers, the Circuit has implemented the ERP Microsoft Dynamics AX, project that carried out the consulting one Watermark. We hang the case of implementation.

The document explains how the ERP negotiates the sale of entrances integrated with a platform of tickening external (Servicaixa) and permits to bring up to date this real-time information. The ERP also is integrated with mobile devices for the control of accesses, takes charge of the general management of the Circuit and includes work flow mechanisms, Business Intelligence and Documentary Management.

The data processing team-maker Dates Logic implements the solution of distribution advanced of Watermark – Qurius to give backup to its growth

It dates Logic will integrate all its areas in an ERP unique

It dates Logic, S.L. manufacturer and distributor of data processing teams, with marks as Beep or Vobis, has signed an agreement with the consulting one Watermark - Qurius to integrate its different areas in an ERP unique and to give backup Al growth. The business will establish the solution of Distribution Advanced of Watermark – Qurius developed on the ERP Microsoft Dynamics AX.

The establishment will be carried out in three phases, with the Commercial and Logistic Management / Marketing as critical points to undertake in a first phase, in which the formation will be carried out also in Dynamics of the own resources of the company. In different phases the areas of Purchases they will be established and Provisionings, Configuration of products and Production, Finances and Technical Service. It dates Logic is a leader in Spain -and second in Europe- in the distribution and production of data processing teams and of telecommunications. With head office in Reus the company counts on more than 300 employees and more than 400 points of sale in every Spain. The agreement reached, by a value of 500,000 €, covers it set in motion of the solution, formation of users and services of establishment carried out by Watermark - Qurius Spain.

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