Bridon-Bekaert Ropes Group and ABB collaborate to deliver integrated service offerings for mine hoists

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Algemeen advies 17/11/2023 07:08
The partnership is an important step in both BBRG’s and ABB’s ambition to expand the service
portfolio and maximize customer value
Geographic reach will focus on the mine hoist end user markets in Australia, Europe, China and
North America
Bridon-Bekaert Ropes Group (BBRG) and ABB have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU)
agreement to jointly explore service capabilities for mine hoist systems located in ABB customer
sites worldwide.
There are more than 600 active production and service mine hoists within ABB’s global installed
base and now there is an opportunity with BBRG to serve these customers together.
The two companies will design, develop and deliver services focused on the improvement of critical
operations for mine hoist customers. The services will include innovative approaches towards safety,
availability, productivity, risk reduction and sustainability. Combining the best-in-class practices for
preventative maintenance will be further enhanced by the integration of inspections, audits, and
spare parts inventory optimization, for the complete hoisting system. The focus will be on Australia,
Europe, China and North America.
BBRG’s VisionTek condition monitoring solution for ropes and ABB’s digital solution suite for mine
hoist monitoring and optimization, ABB Ability™ Smart Hoisting, will be combined under the
predictive maintenance category, bringing technologies to provide asset health and
condition/performance monitoring platforms and services to mine hoist operations.
“The geographies and breadth of service we can work on together is extensive,” said Koray
Bineklioglu, General Manager Advanced Services, Bridon-Bekaert Ropes Group. “We are excited
about the imminent introduction of our comprehensive service portfolio and our engagement with
customers who frequently grapple with the challenge of balancing hoist productivity and equipment
servicing. Our VisionTek solution will offer customers a complete package, including real-time
analysis, digital data access, and expert monitoring of critical working ropes, ultimately enhancing
efficiency and reducing downtime.”
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