BMW Motorrad provides 149 motorcycles for ADAC driving safety training courses.

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Safer motorcycling thanks to cooperation between ADAC and BMW Motorrad.

Munich. Riding on winding country roads, going on extended tours to distant countries - all this requires riding skills and experience. That's why taking part in an ADAC BMW Ride Training Course is a worthwhile investment, especially at the start of the new season. Last year alone, more than 2,300 motorcyclists and interested persons completed BMW Ride Safety Training Courses powered by ADAC. A figure that speaks for itself.

BMW Motorrad and ADAC have already been cooperating in the area of ride safety training since 2014 and the continuation of this cooperation was recently sealed by Mike Sommer, Head of BMW Motorrad Germany and ADAC Board Member Dr Dieter Nirschl. BMW Motorrad will provide 149 BMW motorcycles from different model series as well as corresponding rider equipment for the next three years, to be used in 12 ADAC training facilities.

The BMW motorcycles will be used at the following BMW Ride events powered by ADAC:




· BMW R 18 Cruiser Training


"Get on the bike and try it out!” is the BMW RIDE FIRST motto. The course is aimed at all those who do not yet have a motorcycle licence but would like to feel the motorcycle experience for the first time without any obligations. The participants can ride a number of current BMW motorcycle models. Course contents include ergonomics, seating position and balance exercises, getting on and off the bike as well as pushing, starting the engine and clutch exercises. Finally, the highlight is taking your first ride on the motorcycle.

BMW RIDE AGAIN is aimed at returning riders and motorcyclists who have not ridden for a long time. Basic exercises such as the correct seating position, where to look and how to steer, safe starting and stopping are just as much a part of the 4.5-hour ride safety training as regaining and refining balance, effective braking and evasive techniques. All this on BMW motorcycles, of course.

For already advanced motorcyclists who want to take their riding skills to a new level, there is the BMW RIDE ADVANCED course. This full-day training course focuses on refining the sense of balance, sitting, looking and steering correctly, refining lean angle reserves, exercises on special dynamic surfaces as well as handling rider assistance systems and a great deal more.

In addition to these three BMW RIDE safety training courses, there is the BMW R 18 Cruiser Training course, a ride safety training course which is specially tailored to the BMW R 18. In this 7.5-hour ride training course, all the important content for handling the BMW R 18 safely is taught. Finally, the course ends with a two-hour guided ride on the "Big Boxer".

For those who would like to set off on a tour straight away, the BMW RIDE OUT is the place to go. On this tour, the unique experience of riding on a tour together is led by experienced guides and is combined with professional tips from experienced ADAC trainers. This is the optimum setting for enjoying an eventful and educational motorcyling day at the same time.

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