Endeavour Silver Launches Sustainability Strategy with Three-year Targets

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Algemeen advies 06/01/2022 13:40
VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Jan. 06, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Endeavour Silver Corp. (NYSE: EXK; TSX: EDR) is pleased to introduce its new Sustainability Strategy. It sets out priorities, actions, and targets over the next three years focused on three pillars: people, planet and business. All amounts reported are in United States (US) dollars.

This refreshed strategy is part of the Company’s multi-year transformation and growth plan and demonstrates the crucial role that leading mining companies like Endeavour Silver can provide in supporting economic, social and environmental sustainability.

The Endeavour Silver Sustainability Strategy 2022-2024 aligns with our “Endeavour Cares” cultural philosophy, which reflects a strong senior management and team commitment to sustainable practices. Endeavour will report regularly and transparently on the delivery of the Sustainability Strategy through its annual Sustainability Report available on the website at https://edrsilver.com/sustainability/overview/ .

“We’re raising the bar for ourselves,” says Dan Dickson, CEO. “We want to deepen our sustainability commitments and elevate our performance in areas that matter most to our stakeholders and our business. These are areas where we’re channeling our energy, increasing our investments, and increasing our efforts to deliver meaningful progress toward a more sustainable future.”

The comprehensive strategy outlines key initiatives in years 2022-2024, under three pillars with clear goals. Highlights include:

Increase positive social impacts for people :

Achieve zero fatalities and reduce accident rate
Build an inclusive team by increasing participation of women above the industry average to 16% in the workforce and 25% in leadership positions (1)
Target $2 million in community investments over three years to support local needs in communities in Mexico

Elevate environmental stewardship of the planet :

Reduce the intensity of Endeavour’s emissions year-over-year and develop a climate risk response plan, including reporting on climate-related risks and opportunities in line with the Task Force on Climate-Related Disclosures (TCFD) recommendations
Maintain zero tailings spills and further align practices across the entire tailings facility lifecycle with the new global industry standard on tailings management
Increase the number and survival rate of trees planted annually

Lead a healthy, long-term business :

Expand Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) disclosures
Continue building a caring culture through enhanced training for employees and contractors and faster resolution of concerns raised through our grievance mechanism
Increase ESG criteria in our supplier evaluation system and ensure all suppliers comply with the Company’s Code of Conduct
1. Targets align with the mining industry 2021 representation averages, as reported by Mexican Mining Chamber (CAMIMEX)

“Since the early days when we founded this company, we applied a sustainability barometer to everything we have done,” comments Brad Cooke, Executive Chairman of the Board. “This approach has driven us on our mission to find, build and operate quality silver mines in responsible ways that create value for all stakeholders. Anchored on this foundation, our new Sustainability Strategy helps us take our philosophy and actions to the next level.”

To ensure that business commitments result in tangible results, Ken Pickering, Independent Board Director and Sustainability Committee Chair, states that, “Our Sustainability Strategy sets out concrete targets, supported by disciplined monitoring and reporting processes to evaluate our performance and maintain our focus on these activities.”

Contact Information :
Trish Moran, Interim Head of IR
Toll free: (877) 685-9775
Tel: (604) 640-4804
Email: gmeleger@edrsilver.com
Website: www.edrsilver.com

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