Oyu Tolgoi hosts community open days in Khanbogd, Manlai and Bayan-ovoo soums

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Umnugobi, Mongolia,
15 October 2019

Oyu Tolgoi LLC, in collaboration with the Governor’s Offices of Khanbogd, Bayan-Ovoo, and Manlai soums in Umnnugovi Province, organised a series of Open days under the theme,“We are one family”. The Open days are intended to inform and brief the local community with the latest updates on company production and operations.

Since the signing of the Cooperation Agreement with its partner communities – Umnugovi province, and Khanbogd, Manlai, Bayan-Ovoo and Dalanzadgad soums - in 2015, Oyu Tolgoi LLC financed Gobi Oyu Development Support Fund with MNT 45.8 billion which supported over 163 projects and programmes. As a result of these projects and programmes, 391 new jobs were created in Umnugovi and cumulatively over 390 thousand locals have benefited from the programmes.

Local governors, citizens, representative officials of public and private sector attended the Open day, Khanbogd entrepreneurs forum, and Khanbogd annual farmers day. Specialists of Oyu Tolgoi LLC’s Environment department distributed tree saplings, grown at the Tree Propagation Centre in Khanbogd soum and shared useful tips on growing the tree saplings. Additionally, Oyu Tolgoi LLC’s Procurement department held public sessions, where they provided wide-ranging information about company’s procurement policies, procedures and processes, the Oyu supplier database as well as introduced upcoming EOIs for the next quarter.

As part of the Open day in Khanbogd soum, Oyu Tolgoi LLC signed procurement contracts with “Khanbogd Transport Logistics” LLC, “Vandan Tolgoi” LLC, “Uudam Goviin Gerel” LLC and “Khanbogd source” LLC to procure outbound transportation service and other goods. Oyu Tolgoi also signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Khanbogd secondary school, built by Oyu Tolgoi’s funding, to collaborate on raising the awareness of Environment, Occupational Health and Safety, and Hygiene at the school.

Testimonies of the attendees of the Open day:
U.Bayarmaa, Manlai soum citizen: Three years ago, Oyu Tolgoi LLC financed and built a greenhouse along with its irrigation system in Manlai soum. Currently, a group of seven farmers are supplying 150 kilograms of cucumbers, tomato and other vegetables to Oyu Tolgoi per week. Today, Oyu Tolgoi donated a reefer truck to us. Previously, we struggled to store the vegetable afresh during the transportation lead time. I would like to thank Oyu Tolgoi’s team for donating this brand new car and solving our needs. Vegetable sales in our area are quite meagre. Since we started supplying to Oyu Tolgoi, it’s really helping us to expand our household economy. I would like to call on our fellow citizens to join us to grow vegetables together.

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