BP, Second quarter 2008 results

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Algemeen advies 29/07/2008 08:36
BP's second-quarter replacement cost profit was $6,853 million, compared with $6,488 million a year ago, an increase of 6%. For the half year, replacement cost profit was $13,441 million compared with $10,932 million a year ago, up 23%.
Non-operating items and fair value accounting effects for the second quarter had a net $1,775 million unfavourable impact compared to a net $973 million favourable impact in the second quarter of 2007. For the half year, the respective amounts were $1,779 million unfavourable and $1,009 million favourable - see further details on page 3. The largest non-operating item for the second quarter and year-to-date was fair value losses on embedded derivatives which amounted to $2,081 million and $2,771 million respectively on a pre-tax basis.
Net cash provided by operating activities for the quarter and half year was $6.7 billion and $17.6 billion compared with $6.1 billion and $14.1 billion respectively a year ago.
The effective tax rate on replacement cost profit for the second quarter was 35% and for the half year was 36%; a year ago, the rates were 31% and 32% respectively.
Net debt at the end of the quarter was $25.7 billion compared to $20.7 billion a year ago. The ratio of net debt to net debt plus equity was 19%, the same as a year ago.
Capital expenditure, excluding acquisitions and asset exchanges, was $5.5 billion for the quarter and for the half year was $12.6 billion. Total capital expenditure and acquisitions was $5.8 billion for the quarter and $14.8 billion for the half year. Capital expenditure, excluding acquisitions and asset exchanges and excluding the accounting for our transaction with Husky (see pages 26 and 27), is expected to be around $21-22 billion for the year. Disposal proceeds were $59 million for the quarter and $335 million for the half year.
The quarterly dividend, to be paid in September, is 14 cents per share ($0.84 per ADS) compared with 10.825 cents per share a year ago. For the half year, the dividend showed an increase of 30%. In sterling terms, the quarterly dividend is 7.039 pence per share, compared with 5.278 pence per share a year ago; for the half year, the increase was 33%. During the quarter, the company repurchased 85.9 million of its own shares for cancellation at a cost of $1 billion. For the first half, share repurchases were 176.9 million at a cost of $2 billion.
(a) This results announcement also represents BP’s half-yearly financial report for the purposes of the Disclosure and Transparency Rules (DTR) made by the UK Financial Services Authority (DTR 4.2 – Half-yearly financial reports). In this context: (i) the condensed set of financial statements can be found on pages 13 – 19 and 22 – 30; (ii) pages 1 – 11, 20 and 21 comprise the interim management report; (iii) information on material related party transactions that have taken place in the first six months of the year can be found in the condensed set of financial statements on pages 13 – 19 and 22 – 30; and (iv) the directors’ responsibility statement and auditors’ independent review report can be found on page 12.
(b) Profit attributable to BP shareholders.
(c) With effect from 1 January 2008, replacement cost profit excludes inventory holding gains and losses net of tax. Comparative amounts have been amended to the new basis. See page 2 for further details.

Second quarter and half year 2008(a)
Second quarter First quarter Second quarter $ million First half
2007 2008 2008 2008 2007 %

7,376 7,451 9,465 Profit for the period(b) 16,916 12,040
(888) (863) (2,612) Inventory holding (gains) losses, net of tax(c) (3,475) (1,108)

6,488 6,588 6,853 Replacement cost profiT(c) 13,441 10,932 23

17.01 17.63 18.56 - per ordinary share (pence) 36.19 28.77
33.75 34.90 36.40 - per ordinary share (cents) 71.30 56.68 26
2.03 2.09 2.18 - per ADS (dollars) 4.28 3.40

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