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Microalgae are the original source of important, long chain omega-3 fatty acids. In the wild, marine microalgae are at the base of the food chain and the omega-3 fatty acids accumulate in fish. Thus far, most of the world’s long chain omega-3s have come from fish oil.

By growing marine microalgae via fermentation, Corbion is the leading algae feed ingredient manufacturer of an abundant, clean and sustainable source of long chain omega-3s called AlgaPrime DHA. AlgaPrime DHA can help towards reducing the dependency on fish oil in aquaculture and animal feed and help support animal health, ocean health, and our own health.
New omega-3 sources from algae to address the gap

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The Power of Omega-3s
What are long chain omega-3s?

Long chain polyunsaturated omega-3 fatty acids, DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) and EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid), are synthesized by humans and animals in such low levels that it is important to add them to the daily diet to help promote health. These nutrients play an important role in human health, helping to support heart, brain and eye health at all stages of life.1 They can also help lower the risk of heart disease.2

The primary way that omega-3s make their way into our diet is via seafood (fish oil, salmon and other oily fish, for example).3 Like in humans, long chain omega-3s are also critical for animal nutrition like growth, development, and reproduction.

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Our diets are deficient in omega-3s

For most populations, our diets are woefully short of the long chain omega-3 levels recommended by major health agencies around the world.

How much DHA and EPA omega-3 do we need & where can we find it?

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Not all omega-3s are equal
There are “short chain” omega-3s and “long chain” omega-3s.
ALA (alpha-linolenic acid)
is a short-chain omega-3 fatty acid that comes from products like flax, linseed, walnuts and chia seeds. ALA is a precursor to DHA and EPA, but the conversion rate in humans and in animals is typically low and thus, an inefficient way to obtain DHA.

DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) and EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid)
are long-chain fatty acids and critical for human and animal health at all stages of life.

DHA – the “king of fatty acids”

AlgaPrime DHA is rich in DHA which is often called the “king of fatty acids”. DHA specifically is critical for many of our body functions and is a major structural component of brain tissue and retina, as well as in heart tissue.

DHA also has an important role in the control of multiple cell functions that support immune health.1 Many of the important benefits DHA brings to humans are also important for animals.

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Foundation of Innovation
Corbion is the world’s leading producer of algae omega-3s, with top scientific and development expertise, large scale production, and diverse commercial applications development. AlgaPrime DHA is part of a broader portfolio of algae ingredients produced by Corbion.

Our company has a history of ground-breaking R&D in algae strain development and fermentation excellence. Our research team has screened thousands of algae strains to identify the most productive, efficient, palatable and nutritious algae strains. The deep research experience is coupled with world class facilities and production expertise.

Based near Silicon Valley in California, Corbion’s Algae R&D group is unique in its innovation capabilities, as we have full development expertise from R&D to pilot testing to full scale-up.

Corbion, a company full od innovation!

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