The shine-boosting technology helping TRESemmé target 2024’s hottest hair trend

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10/07/2024 06:19
Consumer demand for shiny hair is growing. And the latest line from TRESemmé uses an exclusive scientific discovery to deliver on this desire for an ultra-glossy finish. Here's how Lamellar technology and trendspotting shaped the launch.

TRESemmé has launched Lamellar Shine – a market-making new hair care range – in the UK, Argentina, Mexico and Brazil
Its exclusive Lamellar molecule technology smooths the hair’s surface to boost shine on all hair textures
The launch acts on consumer insights which show that shine is the leading hair trend for 2024 – and a benefit consumers are increasingly seeking in hair care
TRESemmé, the No.1 styling brand in the US and the world,[a] has launched Lamellar Shine – a complete collection to wash, treat and finish hair of all textures, and boost shine like never before.

The launch, now live in the UK, Brazil, Mexico and Argentina, delivers on soaring consumer demand for shine-boosting haircare.

Did you know?
Shine-boosting haircare a growing trend that’s all over TikTok, with 185 million views for #ShinyHairTips from the UK and US.

It’s a growing trend that’s all over TikTok, with 185 million views for #ShinyHairTips from the UK and US. Social media mentions related to hair shine have grown by 20% year on year in China, while in India, our insights show 33% year growth for the search term ‘hair shine sprays’.[b] Shine is also at the heart of TRESemmé’s latest research.

Formulated with the power brand’s blockbuster Lamellar technology, developed in Unilever R&D labs, trials prove the new products leave hair significantly shinier without weighing it down. According to evaluations from an expert panel, Lamellar technology delivers up to 7 times more shine from the first use.[c]

Lamellar Shine is our global multi-year big bet for TRESemmé. We know consumers are seeking shine from their hair care products, and our study into shine as an international trend reflects the market-making potential for our brand.

Thais Hagge, Global Brand Lead for TRESemmé and Sunsilk

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