MetabolAid: Monteloeder receives EC innovation nod for metabolic syndrome solution

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Overig advies 15/12/2017 10:57
15 Dec 2017 --- The European Commission has recently selected the Spanish company Monteloeder to launch and market its ingredient “MetabolAid” in Europe. Comprised of purified extracts of lemon verbena and hibiscus, Metabolaid has been proven clinically to help lose weight by suppressing appetite as well as improve metabolic syndrome-related disorders.

The Spanish company has been awarded by the European Commission a grant from the European Program Horizon 2020 SME Instrument program, in which companies from all over Europe participate, with initiatives that Brussels believes key to the development and growth of Europe. The EC program is aimed at helping small businesses to market their products.

With this distinction, the European Commission positions Monteloeder among the most innovative companies, with technological projection and with the most future in Europe.

Monteloeder collaborates with several renowned universities for the development and study of their products, such as the Miguel Hernández University (UMH) and the Catholic University of Murcia (UCAM). These institutions participate in designing and performing the pre-clinical and clinical studies necessary to demonstrate Metabolaid´s effect in Metabolic Syndrome.

“MetabolAid” is a natural solution that allows weight control by regulating appetite, while improving the factors related to Metabolic Syndrome, such as blood pressure, cholesterol and sugar levels. According to the general director of Monteloeder, Dr. Arturo Lizón, this European help is very important because “our purpose is to answer to the current and future needs of all the companies of the world involved in the sector of the nutritional industry. Being able to mitigate a problem of European General Health is a challenge and we are putting all our effort into it.”

Metabolic Syndrome is described by the World Health Organization (WHO) as a pandemic of the XXI century, these are the most significant data:

• It is estimated that people with metabolic syndrome have a 20% higher risk to suffer a coronary episode in the next ten years compared to those who do not have it.
• In Spain, one out of every three adults fulfils the criteria to suffer metabolic syndrome.
• 70% of the obese population suffers metabolic syndrome.
• In Europe, around 4 million people die each year by complications associated with excess weight.

Monteloeder is a Spanish company specialized in nutritional and health ingredients, with more than 20 years of experience as a developer of nutraceutical products and natural extracts. Currently, it exports to more than 38 countries and has offices in Europe, the United States and Asia.

In addition to distributing natural extracts, Monteloeder designs, develops and markets its own products, “Branded Ingredients”, based on mixtures of purified extracts scientifically proven to help a certain health condition, for its use in the nutraceutical and functional food sector.

After years of research and innovation, Monteloeder, through its “Branded Ingredients”, encourages its customers to undertake the current health revolution 3.0, through an innovative concept: the digitalization of health ingredients, combining product consumption, the management of healthy habits and the user´s environment, through mobile devices and wearable devices, generating a pioneering concept: precision nutrition.

“MetabolAid” is an ingredient based on extracts of hibiscus and lemon verbena, a unique combination that helps people lose weight and improve the risk factors associated with metabolic syndrome. Both plants have been used for centuries in traditional medicine to treat various diseases. Part of the reason Metabolaid helps lose weight is due to its effect on satiety, by reducing appetite-inducing hormones. Also, cholesterol, glucose and triglyceride levels are reduced in the consumers.

The extraction to obtain “MetabolAid” is completely natural. In addition, the Monteloeder production plant holds the GMP certificate of best practice of manufacture, following the most demanding guidelines in the sector.

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