Corbion and Chef Sammy Monsour Put Algae-Fed Salmon on Center Plate At Seafood Expo North America

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Film Premiere Highlights Chef's Journey to Discover the Impact of AlgaPrime(TM) DHA On Sustainable Aquaculture

BOSTON, MA - March 18, 2019 - Corbion, the global leader in algae-based food ingredients has partnered with restaurateur, celebrity chef and sustainable seafood advocate, Sammy Monsour, to create awareness and spark a conversation about the impact of algae-fed salmon on sustainable aquaculture and the global food system with consumers and the culinary community.

Today at Seafood Expo North America in Boston, Massachusetts, Corbion and Chef Monsour are premiering a short film documenting his recent journey to southern Chile to learn about sustainable aquaculture practices. Chef Monsour visited the Ventisqueros salmon farming operations, and their SilversideĀ® Coho Salmon farms, as well as the BioMar fish feed operations. From the hatchery to the restaurant table, Chef Sammy discovered innovations in aquaculture, including how feed ingredients like AlgaPrime(TM) DHA, are improving the sustainability footprint of aquaculture and the delicious seafood on our table.

As a chef, restaurateur, Los Angeles Chefs Collaborative Local Leader and member of the Monterey Bay Aquarium's Blue Ribbon Task Force, Chef Sammy is passionate about his role in bringing sustainable seafood to his restaurant and consumers everywhere.

"I traveled 6,000 miles from my restaurant in Los Angeles to southern Chile to explore today's most innovative solutions in aquaculture that are helping shape a more sustainable food system," said Chef Sammy Monsour. "What I learned on my journey is that not all farmed salmon are created equal, the water has to be clean, the fish have to be healthy and what they eat really matters as it affects the quality and nutritional value of what arrives in my kitchen."

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As climate change threatens the health of our planet, and with the population increasing by more than 80 million people per year, demand from consumers, retailers and the culinary community for sustainable food options is
hitting critical mass. With its culinary versatility and nutritional benefits, sustainably-produced salmon, that includes a diet with omega-3 rich AlgaPrime DHA(TM), is in high demand.

"With algae-fed salmon brands gaining distribution at U.S. retailers, we are excited to work with Chef Sammy Monsour to start a dialogue with consumers and chefs about the impact of sustainably produced salmon," said Marc den Hartog, Executive Vice President of Innovation Platforms at Corbion. "Just as Sammy wanted to learn more, we believe his journey provides a better understanding of the role of feed ingredients, such as AlgaPrime(TM) DHA, in raising healthy salmon that in turn are better for our health and the health of our planet."

AlgaPrime(TM) DHA is the leading sustainably produced, algae-based source of long-chain omega-3s, and has been incorporated into BioMar aquaculture feed recipes, enabling farmers to responsibly improve the omega-3 content while reducing the fish-in fish-out ratio of farmed salmon. Ventisqueros' SilversideĀ® Coho Salmon boasts an impressive 0.5 to 1 fish-in-fish-out ratio and is available at leading national retail chains and food service distributors via BluGlacier, Ventisqueros' US sales office.

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