New Corbion Sales Leader Brings Holistic Viewpoint to Company's Collaborations in Baking

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Overig advies 15/05/2018 13:26
New Corbion Sales Leader Brings Holistic Viewpoint to Company's Collaborations in Baking

Scott Bieker's panoramic experience in baking will complement sales and service teams at Corbion.

Baking industry veteran Scott Bieker has joined the Corbion North America leadership team as Vice President, Bakery Sales. In his new role, he will lead the company's regional bakery, milling and technical service teams.

Mr. Bieker brings to Corbion almost 30 years of baking industry experience, which has included key positions with food ingredient companies, baking equipment manufacturers and baking technology companies. Most recently, he served as Vice President of Sales at AMF Bakery Systems, but his wide-ranging experience has encompassed roles at Tromp Group, Danisco, AIB International, Nonni's Foods and Earthgrains, where he was a baker. Mr. Bieker is a graduate of the Kansas State University Baking Science program.

"Bringing Scott to Corbion is a real win for us and for our customers," said Mark Hotze, Vice President Sales North America. "He's a career baking professional who has built a 360-degree perspective on the industry. He has first-hand knowledge of manufacturers' challenges, what's possible from a functional ingredients standpoint, and how to marry the two. Scott's leadership will help us create even stronger partnerships in the industry."

Mr. Bieker will be based at Corbion North America Regional Headquarters in Lenexa, Kansas.


Corbion Introduces Pristine® Clean-Label Cake Solutions

Newly expanded line of mixes, bases and icing stabilizers simplifies labels without sacrificing quality

To help bakery manufacturers meet the growing demand for simplified ingredients, Corbion has broadened its clean-label portfolio to include cake mixes, bases and icing stabilizers. Known simply as Pristine®, these enhanced solutions enable bakers to reduce key strokes in ingredient labels by up to 42 percent without compromising taste or texture.

"Achieving a cleaner label starts with removing anything that's a mouthful to pronounce, but shortening the ingredient list at the expense of quality is not acceptable to consumers - and that's where Corbion comes in," said Kathy Sargent, Strategic Innovation Director at Corbion. "Our Pristine solutions are specially designed to make it easy for our customers to satisfy the demands of label-conscious shoppers without risking product integrity."

To ensure the highest degree of success, Corbion's application team and technical service group work directly with bakery manufacturers to identify and implement the clean-label formulas based on each customer's specific application needs. Corbion's concentrated bases are easily customized to create differentiated offerings that deliver on the varieties of sweet baked goods consumers want to explore; their versatility even facilitates crossover into loaf cakes, muffins or cake-textured cookies.

"Our Pristine range is built on the expertise Corbion has developed in clean-label baking," said Sargent. "Now we can take the pain out of reformulating cakes for those customers who want to differentiate their products and appeal to another segment of consumers."

Corbion's line of Pristine cake mixes and bases are available in vanilla and chocolate. Paired with Pristine's clean-label icing stabilizers, the solutions help sweet baked goods rise to any occasion. Additionally, the portfolio includes a complete line of dough conditioners that are specially designed for commercial pan breads and buns, and frozen bread products.

To learn more about Pristine, visit
+31 (0)20 590 6293, +31(0)6 21 577 086

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