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TIE Kinetix announces the release of Campaign Center for FLOW Partner Automation

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Algemeen advies 09/11/2017 08:21
The new Campaign Center module allows manufacturers and brands to automate co-branded marketing campaigns through their partners directly to end users. Partners who have limited time, resources and skills are now able to execute personalized marketing campaigns from their vendor without any effort and act as a unified marketing team.

The Campaign Center is the result of TIE Kinetix’s 30 years of experience in partner automation and more than 16 years of experience in through-partner marketing automation.

Through-partner marketing automation is typically characterized by complexity of systems and procedures for partners. As a result, adoption by partners is disappointing for vendors since their partners will not come back regularly to execute marketing campaigns provided by their vendors and brands. Campaign Center will change this.

Campaign Center offers the partners a simple one-page experience to execute and automate all campaign elements for vendors like Google AdWordsTM for Channel, email campaigns, landing pages, micro sites, promotions, social media messaging, online events, assets, marketing collateral and sales collateral.

The first customers are now live with the new Campaign Center. Unify recently introduced the new module as part of the FLOW Partner Automation Platform, enrolled to their partners under the name “Digital Channel”.

“Unify strives to make it as easy as possible for our partners to build demand and generate revenue with our solutions, and Digital Channel has been an important tool to provide content and marketing support to our partners,” said Michelle Jones, Vice President of Channel Marketing for Unify. “With the enhancements we’ve made to Digital Channel, we are simplifying marketing activities and giving our partners even more choices in the types of campaigns they wish to execute to help build their businesses.”

The Unify partners are excited about the new Campaign Center: Fabio Conti, Digital Marketing Executive for NexusIP, commented: “I am browsing in the new digital channel portal. I love it! It’s very intuitive and easy to use.”

Jan Sundelin, CEO of TIE Kinetix: “With the release of Campaign Center, we aim to provide a one-screen experience where the partner can execute all of their campaigns through a simple and intuitive experience to maximize results with minimal efforts. As partners have limited time and resources to execute these kinds of activities, the Campaign Center enables them to start executing digital marketing campaigns through email, social media, Google AdWords and more. This is another milestone for our FLOW Partner Automation platform and our ambition to offer a fully automated partner journey and seamless end user journey through the indirect channel.”

Maria Chien, Service Director of Channel Marketing Strategies at SiriusDecisions, adds: "Information gathering and other activity via digital channels is consistent throughout the buying process. The key for b-to-b organizations is to understand where buyers obtain information and be a part of those dialogues both online and offline. Properly integrating inbound and outbound tactics increases these opportunities and positively impacts program efficiency and effectiveness. In fact, SiriusDecisions research indicates those marketing organizations that market to the buyer’s journey via integrated, multi-channel programs create twice as much pipeline as those that do not."

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