Brenntag and Corbion strengthen their partnership in EMEA

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Algemeen advies 25/09/2019 11:28
Brenntag, the global market leader in chemical and ingredients distribution, and Corbion, global market leader in sustainable ingredient solutions, strengthen their long-time partnership in EMEA by signing an enhanced framework agreement with an innovative way of working together. For many years, Brenntag has already been successfully distributing Corbion’s products in various industries and several countries in the EMEA region. This new agreement is the next step in the cooperation.

Both companies are convinced that in today’s markets in which product development and service level expectations are at a high level, an effective cooperation is crucial for success. “Our business teams will work together in a way which goes beyond traditional distribution, with the aim to service manufacturers to the optimum. Brenntag fully supports Corbion’s strategy to develop sustainable solutions for today’s and future industry needs. We are very happy to take our relationship with Corbion to the next level with this new agreement”, states Uwe Schueltke, COO Brenntag EMEA.

Brenntag covers a wide ingredients portfolio and targets a wide variety of industry segments in EMEA, providing technical as well as marketing support for the end-users and offering innovative and smart approaches for its customers. Therefore, the partnership with Corbion is ideal, as Corbion’s capabilities are highly versatile and they offer solutions for diverse applications. Formulation using the renowned PURAC® and VERDAD® product lines for the food industry offer solutions for taste, acidification, food safety and salt reduction. Corbion’s highlight for the cleaning industry is PURAC® Sanilac line that delivers broad efficacy thanks to its dual antibacterial and antiviral action. It is a non-toxic alternative to traditional biocides and therefore a safe drop-in BIT and MIT replacement as well as powerful ingredient for cleaning and disinfecting solutions.

For the Personal Care industry, Corbion offers lactic acid and lactates that are some of the most natural, safe and cost-effective ingredients that formulators can use. These are widely known for their moisturizing, anti-aging, sebum control, pH adjustment and antimicrobial functions.

“The industry is fast moving, and so are Brenntag and Corbion – we are trusted partners for our customers and with our fermentation capabilities we can create relevant sustainable solutions enabling our customers to have great tasting and safe products in the market”, states Marco Bootz, Regional VP EMEA at Corbion.

Transacties in aandelen Corbion
d.d. prijs 17.30.00 uur omzet aantal transacties idem na 17.35.00 uur en latere
30 sept. EUR 26,66 12.801 152 EUR 26,64 30.353 219 17.35.08
1 okt. EUR 26,34 19.852 213 EUR 26,38 31.223 261 17.35.27
Om 17.34.39 uur EUR 26,54
2 okt. EUR 26,14 13.384 178 EUR 26,04 20.203 235 17.35.17
3 okt. EUR 26,42 29.269 256 EUR 26.34 40.251 323 17.35.19
Om 17.31.18 uur EUR 26,00 zo werkt 't .
4 okt. EUR 26.44 8.408 115 EUR 26.34 15.614 177 17.35.05
Om 17.31.44 uur EUR 26,06

De omzetten worden kleine en droogt op. Onze verwachting is dat Corbion het einde van het jaar wel haalt, maar 2020 niet meer volmaakt.

Transacties in aandelen Corbion
d.d. prijs 17.30.00 uur omzet aantal transacties idem na 17.35.00 uur en latere
7 okt. EUR 26,32 13.121 165 EUR 26,40 26.917 277 17.35.29
Om 17.34.40 uur EUR 26,60
8 okt. EUR 26,34 6.671 107 EUR 26,46 16.627 163 17.35.28
Om 17.33.20 uur EUR 26,62
9 okt. EUR 26,22 11.372 142 EUR 26,20 14.889 189 17.35.14
10 okt. EUR 25,96 34.257 407 EUR 25,92 42.121 457 17.36.15
Om 17.33.58 uur EUR 25,80
11 okt. EUR 26,18 20.697 232 EUR 26,22 30.245 281 17.35.03
Om 17.30.46 uur EUR 26,62

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