Philips introduces intelligent, personalized solutions to improve consumer health at CES 2019

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Solutions adapt to consumers, offering better, data-driven insights into health and access to professional expertise and advice

Las Vegas, U.S. and Amsterdam, the Netherlands – At CES 2019 (Booth # 44219, January 8-11, Las Vegas, NV), Royal Philips (NYSE: PHG, AEX: PHIA), a global leader in health technology, today announced a range of intelligent, adaptive and personalized consumer health solutions that help people to live healthy lives and be active health consumers.

“At this year’s CES, we are showcasing intelligent and personalized solutions that are tailored and adaptive to people’s unique needs, motivations, and characteristics,” said Roy Jakobs, Chief Business Leader Personal Health businesses at Philips. “Consumer technology, such as Philips’ virtual hub for personal oral healthcare, is the key to make the shift from reactive to proactive healthcare. With a strong foothold and trusted brand in both professional healthcare and the consumer world, Philips is in a unique position to bridge both worlds – for example combining clinical know-how of sleep data with consumer insights to develop innovative consumer health solutions that support all phases of sleep.”

Philips’ suite of consumer sleep solutions
Building on the successful introduction of the SmartSleep Deep Sleep Headband at CES last year, SmartSleep will now feature an expanded suite of consumer sleep solutions. This suite includes the SmartSleep Analyzer, a clinically validated digital analysis tool designed to help people learn more about their sleep challenges and obtain information regarding solutions. To support the 40 percent of adult men and 24 percent of adult women who are habitual snorers [1], Philips will offer a sneak peek at its SmartSleep Snoring Relief Band. In addition, Philips will preview the SmartSleep Better Sleep Program, for which Philips partnered with SleepRate to deliver a fully customized and personalized program that re-trains people to be able to fall asleep and stay asleep using a mobile app. In addition, Philips’ expanded SmartSleep offering includes sleep and wake-up lights, such as the latest connected Somneo. Find all information related to Philips SmartSleep consumer sleep solutions here.

Philips Sonicare teledentistry expanding oral healthcare
Philips is also introducing the Sonicare teledentistry service to North America. This service provides consumers with remote dental consultation from licensed dentists within 24 hours. The Philips Sonicare app acts as a ‘virtual hub’ for personal oral healthcare helping users to manage their complete oral care on a daily basis and share brushing data with their dental practitioners, putting personalized guidance and advice at their fingertips. Complementing the Philips Sonicare DiamondClean Smart connected toothbrush, the Philips Sonicare app now also has an automated brush head reordering service.

Philips’ view on the future of personal care
The Philips Smart Shaver series 7000 is the world’s first connected and AI-powered shaving solution, which analyses shaver motion and determines the motion type to provide each man with a personalized shaving plan to tackle their specific skin issues and needs. The Philips Skincare Assessment uses a combination of daily questions and skin measurements to identify the health of the skin, capturing this data in the app and using it to provide a personalized skin report. Philips’ connected devices and services are shaped by sensors, data and adaptive intelligence and personalized to each individual’s needs, enabling to optimize and give real-time guidance on daily personal care routines. The SmartMirror concept shows how Philips’ solutions empower individuals to better understand that their daily routines can have an impact on their health, confidence and wellbeing. Find more information related to Philips personal care solutions at CES here.

Philips improves the aging and caregiving experience
Philips Cares empowers people to easily form and activate a care circle of trusted family and friends, access meaningful insights into their loved one’s wellbeing, receive notifications about care, and manage their Philips Lifeline service all through a single integrated web or mobile application. More than 40 million people in the U.S. are acting as caregivers [2], caring for a loved one, often an aging parent, partner or friend. Being a family caregiver will bring joy and satisfaction, but it often also is challenging and confusing. Role reversal, complexity and cost put tremendous strain on families as they go through the challenges of aging. Philips Cares transforms the aging experience so that people can worry less and focus more on the key moments that matter with their loved ones. Find more information related to Philips Cares aging and caregiving experience here.

Further Philips innovations being showcased at CES 2019 include:
Philips Dream Family, Philips Pregnancy+, the Philips Airfryer, the Philips High Speed Power Blender and Philips Air Purifiers.

Philips Cares digitizes the aging and caregiving experience

New digital experience empowers caregivers and their loved ones to connect care and enhance support with meaningful insights across the aging journey

Amsterdam, the Netherlands and Las Vegas, U.S. – At CES 2019 (Booth #44219, January 8-11, Las Vegas, NV), Royal Philips (NYSE: PHG, AEX: PHIA), a global leader in health technology, today launched Philips Cares in the U.S. to help family caregivers be there for their aging loved ones, easing and enriching their aging journey by leveraging digital technology.

Whether caring for a loved one or for themselves, Philips Cares Aging & Caregiving service is a digital experience that enables people to easily form andactivate a care circle of trusted family and friends, access meaningful insights into their loved one’s wellbeing and receive notifications about care. Philips Lifeline personal alert service can also be managed through the digital experience, and just as before, an aging loved one can still with the simple press of their Philips Lifeline personal alert button connect with a trained care specialist 24/7 to dispatch the right kind of help. Now through the care circle, caregivers can stay informed and connected through the Philips Cares digital experience. With the introduction of Philips Cares, the company is transforming its services to help provide better care for loved ones throughout the aging journey so that people can worry less and focus more on the key moments that matter with their loved ones.

Connecting and digitizing the aging journey
Aging is hard both for seniors and their caregivers. Caregiving can be frustrating and overwhelming, often taking a care circle of friends, family and professional services to support those we love while helping them maintain a sense of home and dignity. Philips Lifeline has been at the center of these care circles for over 40 years, serving over 7 million seniors and their caregivers through a network of more than 2,500 hospitals, home health agencies, non-clinical home care, and senior living communities. It is through this care network that we expose our predictive analytics derived from the Philips Lifeline service data so that professional caregivers can monitor, qualify and assess if someone is at risk of emergency transport. With our protocol services, seniors with the press of a button can have seamless access via our trained care specialists to our networks’ clinical care services before there is an emergency. For the first time with the Philips Cares digital experience, the entire care circle will be exposed, organized and connected to this rich network, analytics and services to support those on the aging journey.

“Whether you’re on the aging journey yourself or caring for a loved one, we all want to have peace of mind around getting older,” said Ripley Martin, General Manager for Philips Aging & Caregiving. “Philips Cares eases and enriches the aging experience for caregivers and seniors by providing them with access to always-on, supportive relationships across a care circle, enabling them to refocus their attention on the key moments that matter most.”

Supporting caregivers through technology

For the more than 40 million Americans providing care to their aging loved ones each year [1], and spending an average of 24.4 hours per week doing so [2], it can be a heart-wrenching, exhausting and overwhelming responsibility. Half of those report they experience high levels of stress, which can impact their own personal and professional relationships and responsibilities [3]. Despite its challenges, being there for your loved one as they age can be an enriching and fulfilling role. Connected technology can help lighten the burden for caregivers and help provide them with a renewed sense of control through access to insights into their loved one’s care status, while refocusing their attention on the key moments that matter most for their loved one and themselves.

The Philips Cares mobile application will be available to download from the Apple and Google Play stores, as well as accessed via web browsers. It will be available for customers receiving Philips Lifeline service in the U.S. in incremental rollouts starting in early 2019. At CES, Philips will showcase Philips Cares and other solutions in its portfolio of aging and caregiving solutions, including Lifeline GoSafe and HomeSafe personal alert services, which help enable seniors to live independently while helping to ensure safety with 24/7 access to trained care specialists to dispatch the right kind of help. To learn more about how Philips aims to transform the aging experience for the entire family, visit their booth, #44219, Tech West, Sands Expo, Level 2.

For more information on the Philips integrated suite of Aging and Caregiving solutions, visit:

1] AARP, Caregiving Frontiers, 2017.
[2] National Alliance for Caregiving, AARP. Caregiving in the United States. 2015.
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