ThyssenKrupp, Disclosure of an inside information according to Article 17 MAR: thyssenkrupp expects net income of € 0.1 bn - adversely affected by pro

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09/11/2018 07:18
Disclosure of an inside information according to Article 17 MAR: thyssenkrupp expects net income of € 0.1 bn - adversely affected by provisions for cartel proceedings - and adjusted EBIT of € 1.6 bn
thyssenkrupp Steel Europe AG, alongside other steel companies and associations, is the subject of ongoing investigations by the Federal Cartel Office into alleged cartel agreements relating to the product groups heavy plate and flat carbon steel. The pending investigations concern, in particular, allegations concerning collusion in the determination of surcharges and premiums for steel prices. thyssenkrupp takes this matter very seriously and, with external support, has conducted its own internal investigation of the matter. Based on the facts currently known to us, we cannot exclude substantial adverse consequences with regard to the Group’s asset, financial and earnings situation. Due to new developments in the investigation process, thyssenkrupp has decided to accrue risk provisions in the consolidated financial statements. This will result in a net income for the year below the previous year's level (net income for the 2017/2018 financial year is expected to be € 0.1 billion, compared with € 271 million in the previous year).

In addition, thyssenkrupp has decided to set aside provisions for risks arising from quality issues in the Components Technology business area. Together with production and shipping restrictions at Steel Europe in the 4th quarter and earnings at Elevator Technology below expectations in the 4th quarter, this means that adjusted EBIT in 2017/2018 is expected to be € 1.6 billion.

The consolidated financial statements for the 2017/2018 financial year will be published as planned on 21 November 2018.

thyssenkrupp Elevator introduces two new elevator product lines ‘synergy’ and ‘evolution’ for low- and mid-rise buildings in Europe
•New naming system and designs help customers choose the best elevators for them
•Both product families save energy and provide maximum space to improve urban mobility
thyssenkrupp Elevator, a global urban mobility leader, is responding to the challenges of delivering customized mobility solutions in Europe and Africa by introducing two new elevator families: “synergy” and “evolution”. These new product lines are a response to increasing market needs for enhanced design, quality and service and prove thyssenkrupp’s commitment to providing the best possible customer experience.

The completely re-engineered “synergy” and “evolution” include three models each, 100/200/300 and offer comfortable and safe transportation in low-rise and mid-rise buildings for residential, commercial, and infrastructure applications. They are a new innovation for the elevator market and reinforce thyssenkrupp’s commitment to optimize urban mobility and make cities the best places to live.

All of the new models benefit from multiple technical enhancements, such as improved shaft efficiency and sustainability features. With these upgrades, the elevators provide a brand new customer segmentation approach that allows for the most appropriate solution to be selected for different requirements. The new product models 100/200/300 directly point to the corresponding specification and included features. In addition, thyssenkrupp has built in three design lines for the residential and commercial market which accommodate the different styles that are preferred in the European and African countries. The design lines offer a wide range of materials like stainless steels, laminates, and painted glass in order to ensure that the elevators’ design matches perfectly with the customers’ tastes.

Inge Delobelle, CEO Business Unit Europe Africa says: “Thanks to intensive research and development work targeted at meeting the specific requirements of different customer segments, we are proud to launch our new “synergy” and “evolution” elevator families to the market. These new innovations offer multiple technical enhancements as well as a stylish and versatile design, with high flexibility in terms of cabin size, load and speed to perfectly match our customer’s needs.”

Addressing all demands of different target groups

The “evolution” product range addresses all demands of the commercial segment. The evolution 100 will travel with a maximum speed of up to 1.6 m/s and a capacity of up to 1,600 kg. As a durable value for money solution, evolution 100 perfectly serves the demands of low- to mid-rise commercial buildings with mid-duty operations and makes business sense with a fast return on investment. Based on proven technology and high-quality components, evolution 100 guarantees a maximum in availability for new buildings.

evolution 200 is the performance solution for mid-rise commercial buildings that need to deliver a perfect experience in design and convenience (ride-comfort). Thanks to its flexible dimensions, it is also perfect for modernization. evolution 200 operates powerfully but very quietly and with low vibration. A landing accuracy of +/- 1 mm ensures safe and comfortable access for passengers. While the evolution 200 travels with up to 2.50 m/s and will carry up to 2,500 kg, the evolution 300 – which is capable of the same speed – can carry loads up to 4,000 kg. That makes the 300 a perfect solution especially for mid-rise and heavy-duty premium compounds – for customers with high customization needs or extra high-performance requests.

For residential and commercial Purpose

The same is true for the new “synergy” range. In the functional residential segment, the new synergy 100 offers an attractive option for drastically reduced shaft dimensions both in the pit and the overhead – which is very important especially regarding the new installations business in certain markets like Germany.

synergy 200 is the perfectly flexible solution for both – new installation as well as complete modernization in the residential segment. The cabin dimensions can easily be customized to ensure maximum efficient space usage of the elevator shaft. synergy 300 offers a very competitive solution for low-duty low-rise commercial application to satisfy less demanding commercial applications such as schools, clinics or hotels. All models carry loads up to 1,000 kg. Both, synergy 200 and 300 are capable of a travel speed of up to 1.75 m/s while synergy 100 offers a travel speed of 1 m/s.

Like evolution, the new synergy range shows precise customer segmentation capabilities: synergy 100 and 200 are most appropriate for the residential use, while synergy 300 best suits commercial and infrastructure purposes.

Regardless of the particular range or model, all of the new elevators feature our groundbreaking predictive maintenance tool, MAX, which collects data and provides technicians with actionable intelligence that allows them to maximize elevator uptime. Moreover, all models show a new stylish and versatile design scheme that enables them to seamlessly fit into buildings and provide high flexibility in terms of cabin size, load, and speed.

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