Awarded huge contract in China (Qurius)

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Beleggingsadvies 09/03/2007 09:43
MultiPlus Solutions has signed a 35-40 million NOK deal with the Chinese company SinoPacific Shipbuilding Group. The ERP system MultiPlus will be delivered and implemented at SinoPacific’s five yards in China.
Left: Chairman of the board, MultiPlus Solutions, Mr. Tom Stolk. Middle: Mr. Simon Liang, owner of SinoPacific. Right: Mr. Per Olav Helgeland, CEO of MultiPlus Solutions. The first implementation will take place at a yard currently under construction in Ningbo. This implementation has an order value of about 15 million NOK.
The contract is the largest single order received by MultiPlus Solutions ever. MultiPlus Solutions will increase its staffing in China considerably due to the scale of the contract. MultiPlus Solutions won the order in heavy competition against leading Korean and international ERP companies. This marks the final international break-through for MultiPlus Solutions, and for the Norwegian ERP industry as well.

Extensive knowledge
”There are a number of reasons why we won this contract. One is that we have established customer relationships and a well-functioning organisation in China. However, our extensive knowledge with the industry and the yards has perhaps been the most important factor in winning this contract. Also, MultiPlus is tailor-made for the shipbuilding industry”, says Mr. Kåre Pettersen, Sales and Market director of MultiPlus Solutions.

SinoPacific Shipbuilding Group will implement MultiPlus Shipbuilding Solutions, which is developed together with the Norwegian shipbuilding industry. SinoPacific also considers utilizing the ERP system to improve workflow, for example document exchange and project reporting, with its sub-contractors, by making MultiPlus a standard platform.

Expanding in China
”SinoPacific is partly owned and operated by one of China’s most successful businessmen, Simon Liang. Clearly, the contract is important for us as a reference in the Chinese market. Hopefully, this will pave the way for more business in China”, says Mr. Phillip Lim, CEO of MultiPlus Solutions China.

MultiPlus Solutions will immediately start hiring more personnel in China. The implementation of MultiPlus at the Ningbo yard will start next month and be completed within the end of 2007.

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