Corbion acquires Granolife to drive further expansion in food ingredients in Mexico

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As of July 1, 2021 Corbion has closed an agreement to acquire full ownership of Granolife for an undisclosed price. Granolife is a key player in functional blends for the Mexican bakery and fortification industries. The company is based in Querétaro, Mexico, employs around 60 staff and operates a production facility and an application and development center. Corbion has taken over the Granolife business with immediate effect.

Acquiring GranoLife fits well in the growth agenda set out in Corbion’s Advance 2025 strategy, says Andy Muller, President of Sustainable Food Solutions: “With the addition of the footprint, expertise, blending capabilities and application labs of Granolife, we will be able to make a step change in the Mexican market. With significant growth prospects in industries such as artisan bakery and fortification, and we can further build on the already strong position we have in industrial bakery with leading bakery manufacturers. Moreover, I am really pleased that founder Rafael Monterde has agreed to stay on board to lead us to future success here.”


Corbion Acquires Granolife to Drive Further Expansion in Mexico

North American regional office in Denver, Colorado, from where it manages its U.S. business
interests as well as a global greenfield exploration portfolio, including its portfolio in the United
The Proposal follows the announcement by Corvus on 6 May 2021 that it had entered into a
US$20 million unsecured loan and guaranty agreement (the “Loan Agreement”) with
AngloGold Ashanti North America Inc., an indirect wholly owned subsidiary of AngloGold
Ashanti. As a result of the Loan Agreement, AngloGold Ashanti was granted an initial
exclusivity period of 90 days, during which the Company was allowed to conduct a detailed
due diligence exercise on Corvus and its key assets. Under the terms of the Loan Agreement,
the initial exclusivity period would be extended by a further 30 days in the event AngloGold
Ashanti submits a letter of intent or proposal.
AngloGold Ashanti proposes that AGAH will acquire all of the issued and outstanding Corvus
shares (other than the Corvus shares currently beneficially owned by the Company) in
exchange for consideration of C$4.00 per Corvus share (the “Offer Price”), payable in cash.
The Offer Price represents a premium of approximately 55% to the undisturbed price of
C$2.58 per Corvus share on 5 May 2021, prior to the announcement of the Loan Agreement,
a premium of approximately 23% to the closing price per Corvus share prior to the submission
of the Proposal and a premium of approximately 20% to the last 10-day volume weighted
average price of Corvus shares on the TSX. Based upon the Offer Price, AngloGold Ashanti
estimates that the total cash consideration payable to shareholders (other than AngloGold
Ashanti) for the Proposed Transaction is approximately US$370 million (inclusive of payments
in respect of Corvus’ outstanding options).
AngloGold Ashanti is required under applicable laws and regulations to publicly file the
Proposal to Corvus in the United States. The Company is focused on working closely with
Corvus’ Board of Directors and management in a friendly manner to agree the terms of, and
implement, the Proposed Transaction.
Following the submission of the Proposal, AngloGold Ashanti expects to engage with Corvus’
Board of Directors regarding the Proposed Transaction and in parallel complete certain limited
confirmatory due diligence relating to Corvus and its assets. The Company has completed all
technical, legal and financial due diligence that would impact the value of the Proposal.
AngloGold Ashanti expects to structure the Proposed Transaction as a plan of arrangement
in accordance with Canadian corporate law. Following the support and recommendation of
the Board of Corvus, this will require that shareholders of Corvus vote in favour of the
Proposed Transaction. In order to become effective, the plan of arrangement will also be
subject to Canadian court approval.
Shareholders will be kept updated in this regard.
Required Early Warning Report and Other Regulatory Information
As of the date hereof, AngloGold Ashanti, and its affiliates and associates, have beneficial
ownership and control of 24,774,949 Corvus shares, representing approximately 19.5% of the
issued and outstanding Corvus shares. The head office of AngloGold Ashanti is 76 Rahima
Moosa Street, Newtown, Johannesburg, 2001, South Africa. The head office of Corvus is 1750
– 700 West Pender Street, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. An early warning report will
be filed by AngloGold Ashanti with applicable Canadian securities regulatory authorities and
will be available on Corvus’ SEDAR profile at or may be obtained from the
Company by contacting AngloGold Ashanti Investor Relations at In addition, a statement on Schedule 13D will also be filed
with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission and will be available on Corvus’ EDGAR
profile at


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347.849 = 3.718 transacties = gem. per trs 93,55 sts. Geen paniek, maar daghandel door de bekende partijen. Dit soort dagen zien wij bij Corbion steeds terugkeren, begin maart 2021 en medio juni 2021 ook! Daghandel zorgt op deze manier dat er een grotere spread is en daardoor beter verdien model weer de komende tijd (lees manden). Zo werkt het te Amsterdam en controle is nihil.
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