Corbion: EU Patent for Corbion Powdered Vinegar is Reaffirmed

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12/06/2019 10:22
. Innovation continues to help manufacturers respond to demand for foods made with familiar ingredients.

The European Patent Office has reaffirmed the patented status of Corbion's unique vinegar powder, originally granted in 2016 to cover its composition, production process, and intended use in meat, seafood, RTE foods, sauces and dressings, baked goods and other foods. As an increasing number of people focus on the content and origins of the foods they eat, manufacturers are looking to solve their formulation challenges using ingredients familiar and understandable to consumers instead of artificial agents. Vinegar is highly familiar to consumers as a "kitchen cupboard" ingredient, and as a rich source of acetic acid, it is well-known as an inhibitor of microbes and pathogens in addition to being a flavor enhancer. Liquid vinegar may be the best-known source, but isn't a viable choice for all food applications.

Corbion's patented process results in a powdered vinegar with 5% free acidity, complying with the EU code of practice for vinegar. This solution provides food manufacturers a product with an optimized particle size that allows outstanding stability over time. The company developed powdered vinegars for use in food to help manufacturers meet consumer demand for more natural, safe and appealing products. Equivalent patent applications are pending in the U.S., Canada and Brazil.

"The confirmation of our EU patent and the industry's response to this technology attest to the unique value Corbion delivers through sustainable, science-backed innovation," says David Charest, Vice President - Meat Industry. "We believe that, by continuing to explore and develop the potential of natural processes and mechanisms, we will increase the impact of vinegar in the food industry and expand what's possible through natural solutions."

The European Patent number is EP 2880146 B1. The U.S. Published Application number is US 2015/0225683 A1, and is based on a 2012 provisional filing. The Canadian Published Application number is CA 2880180 A1 and the Brazilian Published Application number is BR112015002208A2.

To learn more about Corbion's powdered vinegar solutions, visit

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