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TomTom launches its lowest priced all in one in-car navigation solution to date ~
London, UK, 17 October 2005 – TomTom, Europe’s leading personal and in-car navigation solution provider, today announces the launch of its new TomTom ONE product. TomTom ONE combines a new slimmer, lighter design with TomTom’s award-winning software at €399.

Ideal for first time navigation users, TomTom ONE combines ease of use, portability, unique touch screen technology and a sleek new design. With TomTom ONE, everyONE can find their way from A to B!

Drivers can enjoy the benefits of a TomTom ONE immediately, thanks to TomTom’s award-winning plug and drive navigation software pre-installed on a memory card. This means there is no need to download complicated software, just plug in and start using. TomTom ONE comes with the latest regional maps provided by TeleAtlas.

TomTom ONE is the size of a wallet and weighs in at only 260 grams, making it extremely portable. Additionally, TomTom ONE does not compromise on screen size which allows for optimal visibility in the car environment. Even better, TomTom ONE delivers all the smart technology provided across the TomTom product range. The on-board Bluetooth connectivity enables TomTom ONE users to download a host of additional services, as part of the TomTom PLUS package. Features include TRAFFIC, safety camera information, as well as various other services.

"TomTom ONE boasts exceptional TomTom quality in a streamlined, easy to use package. As the most affordable integrated product we have ever brought to market, TomTom ONE makes personal navigation a reality for all, broadening our appeal and customer base," said Harold Goddijn, TomTom’s chief executive officer. "For first time entrants to the navigation market, TomTom ONE provides all the core features, with the added benefit of TomTom PLUS services, easy to utilise via Bluetooth connectivity. And all of that at a great price"

TomTom ONE is the entry level model in TomTom’s family of integrated navigation devices. The award winning TomTom product family of integrated devices ranges from:

TomTom GO 700: Hands-free calling, maps of Europe and remote control

TomTom GO 500: Hands-free calling, country specific maps + Major Road Network of Europe

TomTom GO 300: Country specific maps

TomTom ONE: TomTom’s newest integrated navigation device.

TomTom ONE is available in shops from November 2005.

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