TomTom and Delphi Technologies Deliver Exceptional 10-Percent Plus Fuel Saving for Passenger Cars

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Overig advies 18/06/2020 16:33
. Outstanding savings achieved during public road tests in real-world conditions with little-or-no impact on drive times, preferred routes or driving experience.

Amsterdam, Netherlands, 18 June 2020 – TomTom (TOM2), the location technology specialist, and Delphi Technologies PLC (DLPH), the pioneers in propulsion technologies, today announced that real-world drive tests of Delphi Technologies’ advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) combined with the TomTom ADAS Map delivered fuel savings of more than 10 percent in passenger cars.

This successful proof of concept was achieved using a Delphi Technologies’ Intelligent Driving prototype vehicle equipped with its latest advanced propulsion software and TomTom’s ADAS map. The testing involved a range of routes to validate the system’s fuel economy benefits under a variety of real-world driving conditions. The TomTom ADAS Map provides enriched, highly accurate data on speed limits, lane information, gradient, road curvature and traffic signs. Delphi Technologies’ Intelligent Driving software suite uses the TomTom data to anticipate the road ahead, optimizing the car’s propulsion system for improved speed and control for reduced energy consumption.

Testing results show that powertrain efficiency improved dramatically when TomTom’s ADAS map was activated. Conducted with different drivers who selected their preferred routes, the testing also demonstrated the system’s adaptability and capacity to deliver results without compromising the driving experience or extending driving times.

“The TomTom ADAS Map is a tried, tested and proven technology, assisting over 1.5 million automated vehicles’ driving safety and comfort around the world today,” said Willem Strijbosch, Head of Autonomous Driving at TomTom. “Our collaboration with Delphi Technologies shows that the latest generation of our high-quality ADAS technology can dramatically reduce running costs by reducing fuel consumption.”

“The significant efficiency gains from our collaboration with TomTom demonstrate how our proprietary Intelligent Driving system, combined with the right, high-fidelity mapping data, can enable everyday vehicles to drive cleaner, better and further, without compromises,” said Paul Farrell, senior vice president, Strategy and Corporate Development, Delphi Technologies. “We have an exciting solution backed by real-world data that our customers can use today – and tomorrow – to provide tangible, real-world benefits.”

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