Corbion’s PURASOLV BL and PURASOLV EL Solvents Receive OMRI Certification

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Overig advies 09/01/2020 06:59
Corbion, global market leader in lactic acid and lactic acid derivatives, today announces that two of the products from its biobased portfolio, PURASOLV® BL and PURASOLV® EL, are the first lactate ester solvents to receive certification from the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI). The prestigious accreditation creates an opportunity for biopesticide manufacturers to develop organically-certified formulations, as well as to meet the growing demand for organic products across the world.

Mark van Denderen, Senior Business Development Manager Ingredient Solutions at Corbion, comments, “We are delighted to have received OMRI approval for two of our biobased solvents. Not only is it a fantastic achievement, but these are the first lactate ester solvents to gain the accreditation – thereby expanding the organic ingredient toolkit of biopesticide formulators. With the trend for organic products showing no signs of slowing down, our OMRI approval is a significant step in meeting the growing needs of users and producers of organic agrochemicals. Thanks to the rigorous certification process, farmers can have complete confidence in the formulations they use – without risking their organic status.”

Corbion achieved OMRI certification following an independent review of its products against organic standards in the National Organic Program (NOP) adjuvants category, for use in pesticides. The approval procedure requires a complete ingredient list and a detailed description of the manufacturing process to be compliant. The OMRI listing allows organic growers, processors and livestock producers to recognize PURASOLV® BL and PURASOLV® EL as permitted under the required organic standards and ensure its suitability for use in organic pesticide formulations. Through OMRI certification, formulators will be able to gain faster approval from certifiers, allowing a more efficient route to market.

OMRI accreditation also encourages a greater level of trust from consumers purchasing organic products. With organic retail sales estimated at approximately €92 billion, OMRI Listings® allows increased transparency between farmers, bio-pesticide formulators, manufacturers and consumers, helping to provide more stringent regulations across the global industry.

PURASOLV® BL and PURASOLV® EL form part of the wider PURASOLV® range of lactate esters, which help to enhance solvency in agrochemical formulations. The high-performance esters are bio-based and act as non-toxic replacements for potentially unsafe solvents.



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