Nyrstar: Judgment in interim proceedings initiated by a group of minority shareholders

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Overig advies 08/01/2020 06:53
Nyrstar NV ("Nyrstar" or the "Company") announces that the President of the Commercial Court in Antwerp has today rendered a judgment in the summary proceedings initiated by a group of minority shareholders (the “Minority Shareholders”). The Minority Shareholders had requested the court to suspend the resolutions of the general meeting of 5 November 2019, and subsequently also those of the extraordinary general meeting of 9 December 2019, as well as to appoint a provisional administrator to convene a new general meeting. The Minority Shareholders had also requested to impose certain measures on Nyrstar, including the prohibition to enter into certain loans. The President rejected all claims of the Minority Shareholders in a fully reasoned judgment. The President did not grant the claim of Nyrstar to order the Minority Shareholders to pay damages but did order them to pay the legal costs, including an indemnification for legal fees for Nyrstar.

The Company will now further review the judgment and consult with its counsel.

About Nyrstar
The Company is incorporated in Belgium and, following completion of the recapitalisation/restructuring has a 2% shareholding in the Nyrstar group. The Company is listed on Euronext Brussels under the symbol NYR. For further information please visit the Nyrstar website: www.nyrstar.be

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