Wall Street laat een veer en Oostmarkt volgt negatief. Straks meer nieuws.

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Dag advies 14/05/2020 06:06
In de VS spelen diverse zaken Wall Street parten, Obamagate, de corona crisis en het verzwakken van de economie aldaar als gevolg van de Corona!
Beleggers deden massaal aandelen van de hand en zochten Mijnbouwers op. Ook Hedge funds!

De Dow sloor op 23.247.97 -516.81 punten
De NASDAQ 8.863.17 -139.38 punten

In de Oostmarkt hetzelfde beeld, aanbod van aandelen
In Japan de Nikkei 20.123 -143 punten
In Hong Kong de Hang Seng 23.912 - 267 punten
In Australië de All Ordinaries 5.455 - 58 punten
In Singapore de Straits 2.541 -30 punten

Edelmetaal gevraagd, maar platina vlak, al enkele dagen.
Goud $ 1.714,80 zilver $ 15,547 en platina $ 765 Gold/Silver Ratio 110.83
Olie $ 25,41 en de dollar euro 1,0804
1 bitcoin = 9.329,30 USA dollar
1 ripple = 0,20184 USA dollar


Actuele goud en zilver prijs
14-mei-2020 06:15 CET
Goudprijs: € 1.585,22 -0,07
Zilverprijs: € 14,31 -0,08
Prijzen in euro's en per troy ounce

INV Metals Reports Q1 2020 Results and Update on COVID-19 Response.
lees elders meer.

Maternity ward massacre shakes Afghanistan and its peace process
No group has claimed responsibility for the massacre of 24 people, including 16 women and two newborns. At least six babies lost their mothers in the attack, which has shaken even a war-torn nation numbed by years of militant violence.
see & read more on www.reuters.com

De valuta's
de dollar euro 1,0804 de Yen 115,57 't Pond 0,8845 AU$ 1,6786 C$ 1,5234 NZ$ 1,8034 en Sing$ 1,5354

De agenda voor deze week, met verschillende berichten van het CBS.
Met diversen AVA's, waarvan velen doorgeschoven zijn naar latere data.
donderdag 14 mei
1 ste kw. cijfers SBM Off., Argenx, Refresco groep, Pharming, KBC.
Entrée Resources 1ste Q1 2020
In Duitsland - Consumptieprijsindex.

vrijdag 15 mei
Q 1 cijfers Equinox Gold.
In de VS - Detailhandel cijfer - Industriële Productie.

Sandstorm Gold Yesterday Vol. 1.046.300
Time X Price Chg Vol Buyer Seller Marke
16:00:00 T 11.08 +0.03 61 53 Morgan Stanley 5 Penson Q
16:00:00 T 11.08 +0.03 49 5 Penson 101 SG Capital Q
16:00:00 T 11.08 +0.03 99 5 Penson 1 Anonymous Q

Turquoise Hill announces financial results and review of operations for the first quarter of 2020, and updated Panel 0 mine design. lees elders meer.

Rio Tinto supporting WA jobs as COVID-19 recovery phase ramps up.
lees elders meer.

Equinox Gold Files Annual Information Form, Annual Report on Form 40-F and Technical Reports
May 13, 2020 – Equinox Gold Corp. (TSX: EQX, NYSE American: EQX) (“Equinox Gold” or the “Company”) announces that the Company has filed its Annual Information (“AIF”) and its Annual Report on Form 40-F (“Form 40-F”) for the year ended December 31, 2019. The Company has also filed National Instrument 43-101 technical reports for its Aurizona Gold Mine in Brazil and its Mesquite Gold Mine in California, USA.
Both technical reports and the AIF are available for download on SEDAR at www.sedar.com, on EDGAR at www.sec.gov/EDGAR and on the Company’s website at www.equinoxgold.com. The Form 40-F is available for download on EDGAR.
Equinox Gold Contacts
Christian Milau, Chief Executive Officer

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Watermanagement in de stad: minder stenen, meer groen.
lees elders meer

Bunge Loders Croklaan introduces Sweetolin. lees elders meer.

Arcadis wint project hoogwaardig openbaar vervoer Westtangent
lees elders meer.

argenx reports first quarter 2020 financial results and provides business
lees elders meer.

SBM Offshore First Quarter Trading Update. lees elders meer

KBC Group: First-quarter result of -5 million euros lees elders meer.

De Stille periodes, dan manipuleren ze bij het LEVEN!
Actuele goud en zilver prijs
14-mei-2020 08:45 CET
Goudprijs: € 1.587,94 +2,65
Zilverprijs: € 14,34 -0,04
Prijzen in euro's en per troy ounce

tijd 09.01
De AEX 503,53 -8,66 -1,69%

tijd 09.03
De CAC 4.293,75 -51,20 -1,18% de Bel 20 2.917,83 -55,94 -1,88%

tijd 09.17
De DAX 10.422,08 -120,58 -1,14% Deutsche Bank EUR 5,907 -18,6ct vol.1,2 miljoen. Deze bank is het probleem van de financiële sector in de wereld met z'n derivaten posities.

tijd 09.20
De Midcap 674,89 -4,49 -0,66% SBM EUR 11,49 +26,5ct vol. 86.000

HSBC lost $200m in a day on paper as coronavirus dislocated gold market.
HSBC Holdings Plc suffered mark-to-market losses of about $200 million in a single day in March after gold prices in London and New York diverged dramatically, the bank said in a filing. The losses by HSBC, one of the world’s biggest bullion trading banks,.. see & read more on

reactie XEA.nl
Waar is het risico beheer?
De ABN AMRO bank had hetzelfde probleem!

Important Factors Impacting The Gold & Silver Supply And Price.
The majority of analysts still don’t understand that gold and silver are based on two different price or value functions. To understand the future forecasts for precious metals, investors need to the difference between the two value functions. see & read more on

Actuele goud en zilver prijs
14-mei-2020 09:45 CET
Goudprijs: € 1.589,09 +3,80
Zilverprijs: € 14,39 +0,00
Prijzen in euro's en per troy ounce

tijd 09.54
De AEX 504,07 -8,12 -1,59% de DAX 10.466,98 -75,68 -0,72% de Bel 20 2.921,60 -52,17 -1,75%

Wolters Kluwer Appoints Leaders for its Health and Legal & Regulatory Divisions
lees elders meer.

media inde VS
T0day, the Labor Department said that 2.98 million Americans filed for first-time U.S. jobless claims in the week to Saturday.

First Majestic Reports First Quarter Financial Results; Temporarily Postpones the Sale of Silver and Gold Due to COVID-19; Announces Operational Restart Procedures. lees elders meer.

Teranga Gold Reports a 27% Increase in Production to 91,312 Ounces
New Wahgnion Mine Delivers Strong First Quarter . lees elders meer.

tijd 16.22
Goud $ 17,29,50 zilver $ 15,76 en platina $ 768 Gold/Silver Ratio 109.71
Olie $ 26,12 en de dollar euro 1,0806
De Dow 22.822.25 -425.72 punten
De NASDAQ 8.733.53 -129.63 punten
1 bitcoin = 9,717,80 USA dollar
1 ripple = 0,20387 USA dollar

lees elders meer.

media, Macron
Macron Seeks Sanofi Meeting After CEO Sparks Vaccine Concerns
Giving the U.S. priority access to a Sanofi vaccine against the new coronavirus would be “unacceptable,” a French official said. see & read more on www.bloomberg.com

tijd 16.33
Sandstorm Gold Toady Vol. 215.400
Time X Price Chg Vol Buyer Seller Markers
10:17:23 A 11.52 +0.44 100 79 CIBC 53 Morgan Stanley K
10:17:23 U 11.53 +0.45 100 79 CIBC 53 Morgan Stanley K
10:17:23 X 11.53 +0.45 200 79 CIBC 53 Morgan Stanley K

tijd 17.24
De DOW licht in de plus op 23.266.00 +18.03 +0.08%
De Nasdaq 8.829.19 -33.98 -0.38%

DuPont unveils enzyme for lactose-free dairy market in North America.
14 May 2020 --- DuPont Nutrition & Biosciences has unveiled its latest enzyme for the lactose-free dairy market with the North American launch of Bonlacta. The latest solution allows for process optimization and cost reduction. One of the key benefits is that it’s fast-acting under refrigeration conditions and can withstand high temperatures to enable new, optimized processes with even faster lactose hydrolysis targets. see & read more on

media DSM
DSM cornerstones €10m funding round for Phynova’s glycemic control ingrediënt.
13 May 2020 --- Royal DSM’s investment arm, DSM Venturing is a cornerstone investor in a €10 million (US$10.8 million) funding round for Oxford-based life science company Phynova. The latter is working toward fulfilling significant commercial orders for its Reducose technology in Europe, China and North America. The ingredient addresses the global issue of excessive blood-glucose levels, which can lead to severe conditions such as diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular disease (CVD). It holds a wide range of applications such as in supplements, functional foods and beverages for those seeking to modulate glycemic index. see & read more on https://www.nutritioninsight.com/news/dsm-cornerstones-€10m-funding-round-for-phynovas-glycemic-control-ingredient.html

Tetra Pak’s first complete cheese processing line boosts food safety and speed to market. 14 May 2020 --- Tetra Pak has launched its first complete processing line for white cheese products with a fully automated and integrated solution to ensure a high standard of food safety and speed to market. The new processing line enables white milk producers and traditional cheese makers to explore opportunities within white cheese. In addition, the technology offers improved environmental sustainability benefits compared to traditional cheesemaking, such as less product waste, fewer required ingredients and lower energy consumption. The key market for this service is the Greater Middle East – Turkey, Iran and Egypt, with Europe as a secondary key market. see more on

media Salt
Salt reduction: Preservation without sodium and delivering on taste.
13 May 2020 --- Salt reduction remains high on the agenda for food manufacturers and brands tapping into increased demand for healthy products with a clean label. Under pressure following official recommendations from the World Health Organization (WHO) to drive down salt intake in the global population by 30 percent by 2025, food innovators face the ongoing challenges on lessening their reliance on sodium. This must be achieved, of course, without compromising on taste and delivering on health and wellness characteristics demanded by consumers who still expect the enrichment, complexity and premiumization in their savory choices with a low salt label.
see more on

tijd 17.37
De AEX 499,03 -13,16 -2,57% Galapagos EUR 194,90 -11,60 vol. 5231,317
De Midcap 666,57 -12,81 -1,89% SBM EUR 11,82 +59,5ct vol. 1.486.574
De Smallcap 695,77 -16,30 -2,29% Alfen EUR 24,55 -1,45 vol. 181.920
De Bel 20 2.899,51 -74,26 -2,50% KBC EUR 40,80 -3,50 vol. 1.559.981
De CAC 4.273,13 -71,82 -1,65% Peugeot EUR 11,42 -63ct vol. 4.088.269
De DAX 10.323,83 -218,83 -2,08% Deutsche Post EUR 25,86 -1,11 vol. 4.787.837

Easy2Pay EUR 0,79 -11ct vol. 24.895
Lavide Hold. EUR 0,206 -3ct vol. 3.201
Thunderbirth EUR $0,095 +0,0095 vol. 350

Transacties in aandelen Corbion
d.d. prijs 17.30.00 uur omzet aantal transacties idem na 17.35.00 uur en latere
11 mei EUR 34,45 62.750 556 EUR 34,50 76.476 627 17.35.26
Om 17.33.21 uur EUR EUR 34,95 om 17.34.25 uur EUR 34,90
12 mei EUR 33,85 48.532 571 EUR 33.95 64.493 644 17.35.10
13 mei EUR 33,00 90.855 704 EUR 33,10 117.843 790 17.35.00
14 mei EUR 32,15 54.520 432 EUR 32,25 73.586 502 17.35.22

Media FED
Fed waarschuwt voor blijvende economische schade.
Een langdurige crisis als gevolg van het coronavirus kan blijvende schade aanrichten aan de economie. Dat zei Jerome Powell van de Amerikaanse centrale bank vandaag in een toespraak. Hij vreest dat het wegvallen van met name kleine en middelgrote bedrijven de herstelcapaciteit van de economie zal aantasten. Deze bedrijven creëren veel werkgelegenheid en zijn dus cruciaal voor het herstel. zie & lees meer op

tijd 17.59
De actuele koersen (kg): Goud: €51,501 | Zilver: €470

Citadel Advisors LLCKoninklijke BAM Groep N.V.NL00003373191.3513 mei 2020
Citadel Europe LLPJust Eat Takeaway.com N.V.NL00120157050.5813 mei 2020
GSA Capital Partners LLPFugro N.V.NL00003525650.6213 mei 2020
JPMorgan Asset Management (UK) Ltd.Basic-Fit N.V.NL00118726500.5613 mei 2020
Marshall Wace LLPAMG Advanced Metall. Group N.V.NL00008886910.6113 mei 2020
Marshall Wace LLPFlow Traders N.V.NL00112794921.6613 mei 2020
Marshall Wace LLPFugro N.V.NL00003525653.1813 mei 2020
Marshall Wace LLPGalapagos N.V.BE00038183590.6813 mei 2020
Marshall Wace LLPUnibail-Rodamco SEFR00133262460.7013 mei 2020
Scopia Capital Man. LPBE Semiconductor Ind. N.V.NL00128664121.1213 mei 2020
Sculptor Capital Management Europe LimitedFugro N.V.NL00003525652.7513 mei 2020
Susquehanna International Securities LimitedAMG Advanced Metallurgical Group N.V.NL00008886910.4013 mei 2020
Susquehanna Intern. Securities LimitedHeijmans N.V.NL00092691090.5113 mei 2020
Systematica Investments LimitedAMG Advanced Metallurgical Group N.V.NL00008886910.9013 mei 2020
Toscafund Asset Management LLPWereldhave N.V.NL00002892131.0113 mei 2020
WorldQuant, LLCKoninklijke BAM Groep N.V.NL00003373191.5513 mei 2020
BNP Paribas S.A.Just Eat Takeaway.com N.V.NL00120157050.7012 mei 2020

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