TKH Group launches new program ‘Accelerate 2025’ to reach over € 2 billion turnover by 2025

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Algemeen advies 17/11/2021 08:51
Ready for new phase of value creation
17 November 2021 – Today, TKH Group NV (TKH) is hosting its Capital Markets Day. During this event, the Executive Board will present an update on its strategy and targets for the period 2022 – 2025, as well as the business position & opportunities within the TKH operating segments.

Highlights strategy update

‘Simplify & Accelerate’ program has brought >15% ROS target in sight, positioning the company for its next phase of value creation.
Strong market positions and successful strategy led to fast post-COVID-19 recovery during 2021.
Increased focus on Smart Technologies and software position lead to new reporting structure, along the lines of three segments.
Increased focus on sustainable and responsible business with new mid- and long-term targets.
New program ‘Accelerate 2025’ to lead to over € 2 billion in turnover and a ROS above 17%.

Alexander van der Lof, CEO of TKH Group NV: “TKH has proven its strong market position over the past year with an increased demand for all our technologies. To date, our order intake and turnover have grown and we have a large number of new contracts signed. The successful ‘Simplify & Accelerate’ program has transformed and streamlined our organization, and the ROS of 13.7% in Q3 shows our value creation power. As the 15% ROS is now in sight, we are ready for the next value creation phase and launch ‘Accelerate 2025’.

We are well positioned to benefit from the megatrends shaping our future and continue our transformation towards a leading technology company. By increasing our focus on Smart Technologies and adding intelligent software, we can take full advantage of the expected market growth. We will boost our organic growth and unlock the full potential of our disruptive technologies, leading to a ROS of over 17% over the medium term. In addition, we will increase our focus on, and commitment to, ESG and sustainability, making it a priority when it comes to non-financial targets. With this, we will be able to sustain and pursue our leading positions in high growth markets, becoming a true technology leader.”

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