Qurius optimises communication and cuts costs with Unified Communications

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Algemeen advies 09/06/2009 15:37
Since November 2008 Qurius has been live with Unified Communications: an integrated communications platform, enabling us to communicate more quickly and more efficiently.
All Qurius’ employees can phone each other, send chat messages and conduct online meetings by various audio and video options with one mouse click on their laptops. The advantages are obvious: reduced travel time, quicker responses, collaborating as if you are together in one room and reduced communication costs. Qurius takes advantage of The New World of Work by
creating an environment for flexible working.

The New World of Work Microsoft Nederland claims that the New World of Work is how we will work in the future. The New World of Work stands for flexible working, where and whenever you want, thus creating a new dimension of communication. Unified Communications, or integrated communication, fits in
the framework of the New World of Work and stands for new ways of communication and collaboration. Fred Hermans, CEO of Qurius: “Unified Communications fits in excellently with our business culture. Qurius is a
knowledge and communication-intensive company with flexible employees who sometimes work at home, sometimes at the office or on the road and who want to
communicate everywhere and at all times. The integrated communication environment makes this possible and reduces the distances between our
employees, regardless locations, at home or abroad.”
Microsoft Office Communications Server Qurius has introduced Unified Communications by implementing Microsoft Office Communications Server
(OCS), a tool which integrates instant messaging, e-mail, audio and video conferencing and telephony. By implementing OCS, Qurius meets a way of
communication many people are already accustomed to haven’t they? OCS streamlines communications and that’s what people want today, not only in their leisure time, but at work too,” says Hermans.
Qurius Infrastructure Solutions During the last few months Qurius Infrastructure Solutions (IS), the Qurius business line that focuses on
advice and design and implements advanced ICT infrastructure solutions, has been busy implementing an organisation-wide Unified Communications
infrastructure. This project included migration to Microsoft Exchange 2007, the implementation of OCS and setting up links between the international Qurius
offices. Microsoft the Netherlands critically examined the integrated communication environment and expressed its appreciation. This makes Qurius one of the few organisations in the Netherlands capable of handling this kind of implementation.
Implementing OCS at Qurius first was a deliberate choice. “When we think that the advantages of integrated communication are so evident, it’s only
common sense that we use those facilities too. And isn’t Qurius the best place to gain concrete implementation experience? We kill two birds with one stone, profiting from more efficient communications and providing a nice showcase for our customers at the same time,” says Hermans.
Hermans: “Unified Communications is an ideal way to reduce communication costs and, simultaneously, improve communication. It enables our employees to work effectively at any time regardless location. We believe especially in soft savings, quicker responses and increase in productivity, for instance. The
advantages we experience are definitely interesting for other businesses too!”

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