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Algemeen advies 07/02/2005 08:14
10.3% growth in passenger traffic and significantly improved load factor of 78.0%
(up 3.3 points)
15.5% growth in cargo traffic and load factor at 63.8% (down 0.4 points)
Passenger operations
The Air France-KLM Group achieved a strong performance in January with load factor improving by 3.3 points to
78.0%. Activity remained strong with traffic increasing by 10.3% on 5.6% higher capacity.
The Group carried over 5 million passengers (up 8.2%).
All networks posted improving load factors.
On the Americas network, the load factor gained 5.3 points to 83.6% with capacity and traffic increasing by 2.6%
and 9.6% respectively.
Activity remained strong in Asia. Traffic was up 17.6% on 15.6% capacity leading to a 1.4-point improvement in load factor to 81.9%.
On the Africa & Middle-East network, traffic was up 7.0% for a 6.4% rise in capacity. Load factor stood at 78.4% (up 0.5 points).
The Caribbean & Indian Ocean sector recorded a 5.3-point gain in load factor (87.1%), as traffic increased by 7.3% on a 0.7% growth in capacity.
The medium-haul network also posted a good performance with a 2.9-point improvement in load factor (61.6%), as traffic increased by 8.8% for a 3.7% rise in capacity.
Both airlines recorded their highest load factor for January:
- Air France load factor reached 76.7%, up 4.0 points, as traffic increased by 9.5% on 3.8% higher capacity.
- KLM load factor stood at 80.4%, up 1.9 points, as traffic increased by 11.8% on 9.1% higher capacity.

Cargo operations
Cargo activity remained buoyant in January. Traffic increase by 15.5% for a 16.2% rise in capacity. Cargo load factor stood at 63.8% (down 0.4 points).
- Air France cargo traffic was up 13.5% in line with capacity (up 14.0%). Load factor stood at 58.7%, down 0.3 points.
- KLM cargo traffic increased by 17.8% for a 19.3% rise in capacity. Load factor stood at 70.6%, down 0.9 points.

Thursday 17 February 2005:
 publication of Q3 2004-05 results at 7:00 am (Paris time)
 audio-web conference at 3:00 pm (London time)
- to connect to the conference call, please dial 00 44 207 162 0125 (password: Air France)
- to visualize the presentation, go to the following website: (password: AKHQ3)
- for instant replay, please dial 00 44 207 031 4064 (code: 640829)

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