Discover Luminy® PLA at K 2022, by TotalEnergies Corbion

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Gorinchem – The first K show took place in 1952, when plastics were a revolutionary material, that allowed a democratization of society with affordable and futuristic goods. 70 years later, climate protection, circular economy and digitalization are the focus at The World's No. 1 Trade Fair for Plastics and Rubber. The great transition into a sustainable world is enabled by bioplastic, such as PLA.

Biobased, recyclable, compostable and innovative. Discover Luminy® PLA at TotalEnergies Corbion’s booth in hall 6, stand 20. In the modern world not only the 'beginning of life" but also the most sustainable "end of life" options are important.

Produced from sugar cane, PLA bioplastic is not only 100% biobased but also 100% recyclable. TotalEnergies Corbion is proud to present the first commercially available recycled PLA (rPLA) with properties identical to virgin PLA. We have at our stand a real-life closed loop system: PLA water bottles (made from recycled PLA) are used, collected, cleaned, and reprocessed into PLA! The Luminy® recycled PLA grades boast the same properties, characteristics, and regulatory approvals, including food contact, as virgin Luminy® PLA.

Biodegradation and industrial compostability are also key features of Luminy® PLA that can be best used to help divert organic waste from landfill or to prevent leakage of plastics into the environment. Our stand will feature a special display to showcase teabags, coffee capsules and organic waste collection bags – all applications that are best made from compostable materials.

“Luminy® PLA bioplastic is a material of the future. Replacing existing plastics with PLA represents in average, a 75% lower carbon footprint vs incumbent materials. And both the carbon footprint and effective land-use will be boasted by the newly launched recycled PLA grades.” said François de Bie, Senior Marketing and Supply Chain Director at TotalEnergies Corbion, and co-author of the Life Cycle Impact Assessment of Polylactic Acid (PLA) Produced from Sugarcane in Thailand, published in the journal of Polymers and the Environment by Springer.

Luminy® PLA has recently been at the center of various innovative solutions. At our booth you can see a commercially available 3D printed surfboard, and with a 3D pen you can write in 3 dimensions with Luminy® PLA. Luminy® PLA has also been the material of choice to replace thermoset caps and closures for a luxury cosmetics brand. Visit our stand and learn about PLA, from feedstock to end of life options.

We invite you for coffee made by our professional barista in a high heat PLA cup or enjoy a drink from a bottle made from rPLA. Meet us at K 2022!

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