ESPERITE (ESP) and BGI Genomics (BGI) sign a strategic agreement to offer Whole Genome Sequencing on a large scale.

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Overig advies 31/01/2018 15:15
- Esperite with BGI sequencing technology will enable the global population easier access to the gold standard in clinical genetic testing.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands - 31 January 2018
BGI is the world's genome sequencing center. Esperite's new partner will provide the infrastructure and the technology for massive sequencing of the Whole Genome. BGI has also processed over 10 million clinical samples, including running 2.8 million noninvasive prenatal tests, 2.6 million human papillomavirus tests, 1.5 million hearing impairment tests.

Esperite's companies have developed a specific bioinformatics pipeline and will offer this premium diagnostic solution to patients through their international network of more than 6,000 Doctors, Hospitals and Clinics across Europe, EMEA and Asia.

BGI has accepted to finance Esperite's access to the technology. In return Esperite issued a convertible noted in favor of BGI for an amount of 520'000 Euros, maturity 12 months and interest rate 1%. BGI and Esperite can decide on conversion at anytime for a price of 0,78 Euro.

Whole genome sequencing (also known as WGS) is the process of determining the complete DNA sequence of an organism's genome during at a sophisticated single analysis.

WGS is the Gold Standard for Genetic Diagnostic and is the way of personalized medicine. WGS replaces all the other technologies on the market. It is extensive, accurate, and constitutes the foundation of a strategy of Big Data Mining and Health management.

To date, diagnostic tests were limited in practice to avoid the cost of large sequencing processes; PCR and Targeted Sequencing focus to analyse limited segment(s) of the Genome.

Combined with continuous discoveries and better understanding of genes and diseases as data is processed together with data driven medicine, whole genome sequencing already is and will continue on a larger scale to change current clinical practice by enabling more accurate and sophisticated genetic analysis.

BGI has the capacity to handle the very large anticipated amount of tests for this project and will perform the sequencing of the samples with its state of the art NGS technology.

Esperite is confident that its technology, validated on thousands of samples is appropriate to offer Precision Medicine at a low entry cost for the entire population. In principle it constitutes a powerful screening tools and an accurate and universal diagnostic test.

Once the Genome of a patient is entirely decoded and converted in a personal and confidential file with a size of roughly 80 GigaBytes, Clinical analysis can be performed on demand by using the technology of Esperite.

Sequencing whole genome helps people to improve their health by giving relevant insights into family history, lifestyle and allows to understand inherited diseases risks. Learning if they are a carrier of a genetic condition and what they could pass on to their children is information of most importance.

Frederic Amar: "Esperite provides accessible and affordable genetic information towards a proactive approach to health leading transformative research and translating it into tangible benefits for society.

This method using Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) technology produces large volumes of data in a short amount of time and therefore is designed to empower healthcare professionals and patients with quality sequencing data at fast turnaround times.

Fifteen years ago, a Whole Genome cost was close to One Million Euro. We will offer it for less than a Thousand Euro."

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