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Overig advies 15/11/2018 07:12
Operating result ongoing business EUR 463 million, up 7.4% from 3Q17, reflecting an improved underwriting performance at Netherlands Non-life, higher dividends at Netherlands Life, as well as lower expenses
Net result of EUR 788 million, up 7.3% from 3Q17, reflecting the higher operating result and an additional divestment result related to ING Life Korea
Further cost reductions of EUR 33 million in 3Q18, bringing total cost reductions achieved to date to EUR 269 million
Solvency II ratio increased to 239% from 226% at 2Q18, reflecting operating capital generation and positive market impacts
Holding company cash capital increased to EUR 1,899 million, including EUR 338 million dividends received from subsidiaries
Statement of Lard Friese, CEO

'We look back on a quarter in which our business performed well, and we again delivered a solid set of results. The 7% increase in the operating result was supported by an improved underwriting performance in both the D&A and P&C portfolios of Netherlands Non-life and higher dividends at Netherlands Life, as well as lower expenses. The Non-life results have shown gradual improvement over the past few quarters, and in the third quarter benefited from favourable claims experience. However claims experience is volatile by nature, and we will continue to implement measures in order to structurally improve the combined ratio. New sales in the third quarter were down on last year at Netherlands Life as well as Japan Life, which continues to see intensifying competition in the COLI market. Additionally, new sales at Insurance Europe were impacted by currency effects and adverse economic conditions in Turkey.

Our continued focus on the successful integration of Delta Lloyd and on increasing efficiency is reflected in further cost savings of EUR 33 million at the units in scope of the integration, bringing total cost reductions to EUR 269 million compared with the 2016 full-year administrative expense base.

Our balance sheet remained strong with a Solvency II ratio of 239%, and a cash capital position of EUR 1.9 billion at the end of the third quarter.

As an international financial services company, we aim to create long-term value, and we want to contribute to society by further integrating environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria into our decision making. To this end, we recently strengthened our responsible investment approach and restricted investments in companies involved in oil sands production and controversial pipelines, given the related concerns around human rights and environmental pollution. NN Group was again included in the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices (DJSI), both in the World and Europe index.

This quarter's performance confirms that we are progressing well in executing our strategy, which focuses on successfully integrating Delta Lloyd, further improving performance, accelerating the transformation of the business model and continuing to allocate capital rationally. This will ensure a sustainable business for tomorrow, helping people secure their financial futures.'

NN Group key figures
In EUR million
3Q18 3Q17 Change 9M18 9M17 Change
Operating result ongoing business1) 463 431 7.4% 1,283 1,241 3.4%
Net result 788 734 7.3% 1,650 1,410 17.0%

3Q18 2Q18 3Q17
Solvency II ratio2) 239% 226% 204%

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Strategy and priorities

Our businesses are built on a solid foundation of purpose, values and brand attributes, which, combined with a strong focus on our strategic priorities, enables us to create long-term value. This is how we deliver on our ambition to be a company that truly matters in the lives of our stakeholders.


In line with NN's strategic focus to be more digital, personal and relevant in interactions with its customers, several new products, services, and initiatives were introduced during the quarter. For example, NN Bank launched the Senior Citizens' Residence mortgage, allowing people of 57 years and older to finance a new, smaller home, as well as the Expat Mortgage, with a tailored acceptance policy for expats wanting to settle in the Netherlands.

BeFrank introduced a Sustainable Impact Dashboard which allows employees of pension schemes to monitor the impact of their contributions on waste production, water consumption and CO2 emission, when opting for the sustainable investment mix. BeFrank is the first pension provider to offer this option to contribute to a better environment.

On 8 November, health insurance premiums for 2019 were announced. Following the rebranding of Delta Lloyd health insurance, the first NN health insurance campaign was launched aimed at attracting new customers for NN's health insurance product. NN health insurance offers a free choice of healthcare providers, access to the best medical specialists, and waiting list mediation.

OHRA introduced a solution specifically designed for self-employed workers to provide insurance cover of their business risks, for example legal assistance, liability insurance, and insurance for theft and damage of laptops and tablets.

On 18 September, Nationale-Nederlanden and ABN AMRO Verzekeringen were awarded the highest rating for their legal assistance insurance, and Nationale-Nederlanden and OHRA received the highest rating for their individual liability insurance. These ratings were awarded by MoneyView, an independent research institute that collects information about financial products.

International Insurance

In January 2018, Sparklab Turkey successfully launched a pilot project in response to the Pillar II pension regulation, introduced at the beginning of the year. The Project 'NN Ekstra' is a digital-lead generation and distribution platform that incentivises partners to act on behalf of NN. The platform directly forwards its users to NN's digital platform, helps to create master contracts, and facilitates the process to on-board employees of pension clients. Since the beginning of this year, NN Ekstra digitally on-boarded 275 new companies and more than 7,000 new employees.

Nationale-Nederlanden in Poland launched an accidental health insurance for children. This new product, which is sold online, includes care assistance covering doctors' visits, prescriptions, and private lessons during long absences from school, as well as medical assistance providing help in arranging doctors' visits.

The Non-life business in Belgium introduced the service 'My Advisor@Home' in April. When a customer's property suffers heavy damages, an advisor visits within 24 hours, and helps to take care of all necessary arrangements and repairs throughout the claims handling process. This concept is offered through ING, and fits perfectly with NN's brand promise 'You matter'. This service has been very well received by NN's customers, as reflected in high customer satisfaction scores.

NN Life Japan continues to develop new COLI products, and expand and diversify its distribution within the increasingly competitive COLI market, with a focus on value over volume. COLI sales through Sumitomo Life accounted for 11% of NN Life Japan's total sales in the third quarter of 2018. Sumitomo Life agents started offering NN Life Japan's Accelerated Living Disability Benefit and Increasing Term products from the beginning of April 2017, and Critical Illness insurance from April 2018. In addition, Protection sales increased by 77% compared with the same quarter last year, on the back of product repricing and higher sales of the Emergency Plus product.

In September, NN Life Japan started providing a new online sales tool to Sumitomo Life, enabling its tied agents to easily advise potential customers about NN Life Japan's products and the details of insurance applications at any time.

The international business continues to roll out digital tools to support NN's distribution partners, for example, NN's businesses in the Czech Republic and Slovakia launched a user-friendly digital sales platform, 'NN Stela', in order to improve customer experience.

Asset Management

NN Investment Partners (NN IP) in Poland became the country's first asset manager to launch a risk-profiling tool with a robo-matching module, which helps customers decide in which funds to invest. As mutual funds are a complex product to offer through online channels, this solution makes it easier for potential clients to start investing online.

In July, NN IP Japan and Rakuten Securities announced the launch of a new investment service called 'Target Year Wrap'. With this new service, Rakuten Securities provides retail investors with a customised investment solution.

NN IP's Dutch Residential Mortgage Fund surpassed the EUR 2 billion mark. Since its inception in November 2015, the fund has grown steadily, as institutional investors are increasingly keen to invest in Dutch mortgages in the current low-yield environment. More and more foreign investors have also shown interest, and the fund has been passported to amongst others Belgium, Germany, France, the UK and Spain.

The Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) again awarded NN IP the top A+ score for its Strategy & Governance approach to responsible investing and ESG integration. NN IP has been a signatory of the United Nations-supported PRI since 2008, and has been active in responsible investing since 1999.

Other events

NN's branding strategy is geared towards building long-term relationships with the communities we operate in. Our running sponsorship fits well with our company's values and our aim to contribute to people's well-being. In 2017, NN and its partners launched the first professional running team in the world. Since then, the team's athletes have achieved 82 victories. In September 2018, Eliud Kipchoge, member of the running team, made international headlines when he broke the existing world record at the 2018 BMW Berlin marathon.

NN Bulgaria received a special award in recognition of its work to inspire the country's students to be entrepreneurial and improve their financial literacy. As part of its efforts, NN Bulgaria launched the textbook, 'Personal Finance: Introduction', for students in non-economic specialties. This textbook aims to help young people understand, plan, and manage their personal finances. The long-term goal of the project is to introduce a 'Personal Finance' course at higher education institutions.

tijd 09.01
Vlakke opening te Amsterdam
De AEX 527,15 +0,01 +0,00% NN Groep EUR 38,67 +85ct vol. 44.177

NN Group and ING Groep terminate warrant agreement
NN Group today announces that it has reached an agreement with ING Groep to terminate the warrant agreement between the two parties for a consideration of EUR 76 million. This transaction eliminates potential share dilution.

NN Group and ING Groep entered into the warrant agreement on 10 June 2014 as part of the Initial Public Offering of NN Group. Under the warrant agreement, ING Groep was granted the right to exercise warrants for 34,965,000 newly issued shares (9.99%) in NN Group against payment of an exercise price of EUR 40 per share. The warrants would have expired in July 2024.

The consideration will be funded from existing cash resources and will be recognised as a reduction of NN Group's equity and Own Funds in the fourth quarter of 2018. The transaction will not impact NN Group's operating result and net result, and will not have a material impact on the Solvency II ratio of NN Group.

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