Oyu Tolgio, “Safety First -2019” Forum was held.

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Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia,
1 October 2019

Oyu Tolgoi LLC, Mongolian Occupational Safety and Health Professional’s Association (MOSHPA) and Erdenet Mining Corporation SOE is hosting a joint conference, “Safety First 2019” on October 1-2, 2019 in Ulaanbaatar. The conference is now launching in its eighth year under a theme ‘LEADERSHIP IN SAFETY’ to play a part in improving national occupational safety and health system.

This year joining as a co-organizer, Oyu Tolgoi LLC expands opportunities to share and replicate the best practices in occupational health and safety management system. During the conference, Oyu Tolgoi LLC and MOSHPA signed a Memorandum of Understanding, expressing their willingness to cooperate towards the development of national occupational safety and hygiene quality culture and national framework for the mining sector.

Over 370 participants from more than 200 organisations have been registered to the conference, including trade, service, health and educational organisations, state administrative organisations in charge of mining, construction, energy, roads and transportation, trade unions, employers, NGOs, occupational health and safety training providers, insurance companies, and economic entities.

Stakeholders and professionals will make presentations on occupational health and safety topics looking to find solutions to common problems. The stakeholders will focus on fulfilling obligations and responsibilities to prevent from workplace incident, injury, illness and fatality and aligning the activities and ensuring feedback in order to ensure that workers arrive home safely after work.

Panel meetings will discuss implementation of the National Programme on Occupational Health and Safety, produce and implement a nationwide consensus document and issue conference recommendations.

Key discussion areas of "Safety First 2019" Conference:
•Highlight the importance of partnership among the organisations that engage in social relations in improving national occupational safety and health system, align cooperation, have a common perception, prioritise leadership in safety
•Focus on an investigation, registration, and prevention of industrial accident and occupational diseases
•Improve training system on occupational health and safety to ensure sustainable business development of entities and organisations

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