Biocomposites take the Cake

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Overig advies 20/09/2019 09:38
Cake, which recently launched a groundbreaking electric motorbike, will now collaborate with Trifilon, an exciting Swedish startup that designs and sells sustainable materials with advanced biocomposite technology.

The partnership was born of Cake’s mission to explore new sustainable technologies while producing exciting high-performance motorbikes. Trifilon’s biocomposites, which are produced with fibers from hemp and flax plants, can help the company improve its sustainability merits while maintaining the performance of its motorbikes.

The current project will seek to replace current plastic components with Trifilon’s plant-based biocomposites. With Cake’s ethos of sustainability and clean transportation, the company has found a good match in the green-tech startup Trifilon, which helps companies systematically lower CO2 emissions and integrate renewable materials. Trifilon’s hemp-based biocomposite BioLite reduces the CO2 footprint from its manufacture by at least one third.

“This is a great match because our companies are both about performance and sustainability. I think fans of Cake motorbikes will respond positively to having our plant fiber composites in their motorbikes. It will mean that some ingredients in their motorbikes come from European farms. That makes these exciting motorbikes even cooler and more sustainable,” said Trifilon’s CEO and co-founder Martin Lidstrand.

The technology behind Trifilon’s biocomposites was initially intended for the automotive segment, as a substitute for lightweight, strong carbon fiber. Trifilon had previously developed and built the body of a car for Volkswagen Rally with its hemp-based biocomposite, BioLite.

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