AMT Coffee introduces 100% biocompostable cups & lids across UK

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Overig advies 17/12/2018 07:27
AMT Coffee has announced the launch of a new 100% bio-compostable AMT coffee cup and lid across its bars across the UK, becoming the first coffee company to launch this environmentally friendly product.

Made from the waste of sugarcane crop, the cup will naturally break down at room temperature and will fully decompose within one year. This is by far the greenest and best alternative to the traditional plastic lined cup and plastic lid, served by many other coffee retailers. The new technology will help reduce an estimated 2.5 billion coffee cups sent to waste entering landfill every year and will help save countless amounts of trees.

The new 12oz biocompostable AMT cups and lids are lined with BioPBS (recycled sugar cane crop waste) which breaks down entirely in ambient temperatures- in contrast to regular coffee cups lined with PLA or PE.

“It has taken years of research and development to source a fully biocompostable coffee cup and lid,” said Alistair McCallum-Toppin, A Founder and Managing Director of AMT Coffee. “Thanks to new green-focused technology and our demand for change, we are delighted to introduce our new 100% biocompostable coffee cups and lids across all AMT Coffee bars. We are also excited to be the first to make this important, green improvement to our cups and lids this Christmas. Alongside the festive message, this year we wanted to make a serious statement about the importance of making the change for our blue planet and all who depend on it. We only hope others will follow.
We hope that our message is heard loud and clear this Christmas and the New Year by both our customers and competitors, who would have a far bigger impact than we will if they help us make the change.”

The company has also switched its cutlery, napkins, straws and yoghurt pots to either biocompostable or recyclable materials.

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