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Overig advies 10/05/2018 08:03
At NPE2018, Natureworks is showcasing a range of application innovations that demonstrate the versatility and performance potential of its Ingeo resin.

From coffee capsules to food serviceware, home appliances, and innovative 3D printing solutions, NatureWorks has been leading application innovations from biomaterials since 1989. At NPE2018, which is being held this week at Orando, Florida’s Orange County Convention Center, the company is showing the latest Ingeo biopolymer grades and Ingeo-based products.
The products on display demonstrate how Ingeo can be tailored to enhance performance attributes critical to performance. These attributes include barrier properties, heat and impact resistance, and thermoformability, all while embracing the concepts of a low-carbon circular economy. Recently, NatureWorks reached the milestone of two billion pounds of Ingeo biopolymer sold globally via its comprehensive portfolio of 33 grades. These grades are converted into thousands of consumer and industrial products across dozens of industries.
A unique refrigerator liner shows how Ingeo’s barrier properties can be leveraged to increase the energy efficiency of refrigerators by 7-15 percent annually over the life of the appliance.
A new generation of coffee capsules demonstrates how this biomaterial-based packaging enhances beverage taste and aroma while offering compostability that enables organics recycling of the used coffee grounds and capsules.
Ingeo 3D printing grades 3D850 and 3D870 take quality filament to a new, higher level of performance, increasing heat and impact resistance while extending the benefits of printing with Ingeo filament into new industrial applications from foundry to medical device prototyping.

Compostable Ingeo food serviceware, including cups and utensils with higher strength and heat resistance, contribute to reduced levels of organic waste going to landfills by diverting this waste to industrial composting. These serviceware items create significant benefits for municipalities and venues implementing zero waste initiatives.
Taking advantage of the inherent properties of transparency and stiffness, Ingeo cups for form-fill-seal in dairy and dessert applications create material savings through package light-weighting and removing the need for expensive clarifying additives.

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