Artificial grass now goes green

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Overig advies 11/04/2017 16:08
A US manufacturer of synthetic surfacing is paving the way for the future with the recent introduction of a new product made from bio-PE based on sustainably grown Brazilian sugar cane.

SYNLawn, a Georgia-based manufacturer of artificial grass for commercial and residential applications, has been producing artificial turf under this brand name for only the last decade. However, the company has manufactured and distributed a family of artificial turf products under the AstroTurf brand name to professional and collegiate organizations around the globe since 1965 – hence, it is not the newcomer it may, at first glance, seem to be. Now, as the leader in innovation in the industry, and part of the largest global synthetic surfacing company, SYNLawn is striving to be the most environmentally responsible and ethically engaged SME in the industry.
To that end, SYNLawn has introduced SYNRenew synthetic turf, which combines soy-based polyurethane BioCel and EnviroLoc backing technology with polyethylene fibers made from sugarcane technology.

“Environmental stewardship is one of our core values, which is reflected in our practices,” said George Neagle, SYNLawn’s vice president of sales and marketing.

According to industry manufacturers, it is nine times as efficient to derive ethanol from sugarcane as from corn, and four-and-a-half times as efficient compared to ethanol derived from sugar beets. Moreover, manufacturing one pound of petroleum-based polyethylene releases 5.5 lbs. of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere—whereas the plants used to create the same amount of sugarcane-based polyethylene can capture that same amount of the greenhouse gas during a typical 18 month growing season. And because of the short growing season, sugarcane is highly renewable.

“We are very excited about this amazing technology that makes it possible to produce npolyethylene out of renewable resources such as sugarcane. As we see global consumer demand for biobased products expanding, we will continue to expand our green, sustainable product offerings. We have also taken great care to ensure that the food chain is not negatively affected by our industrial use of this resource,” said David Calhoun, SYNLawn Product Manager.

As a lifestyle brand, SYNLawn’s goal is to help educate consumers about the sustainable aspects of artificial grass products and to create awareness about the possibility to choose a product that is bio-based, uses renewable resources, contributes to a positive environmental impact, without costing more or sacrificing quality. The company is also focusing more on implementing green practices throughout their corporate offices and facilities, as well as encouraging regional distributors to initiate new, environmentally responsible practices. (KL)

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