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Total Corbion PLA will be exhibiting at K from 16 – 23 October in Dusseldorf, Germany. The company will be co-exhibiting together with parent company Total, and will highlight its Luminy® Poly Lactic Acid (PLA) portfolio and the most recent application innovations. The Luminy® PLA portfolio includes both high heat and standard grades and is used in a wide range of markets, from packaging to durable consumer goods and electronics.
At K 2019, Total Corbion PLA will be showcasing a number of partner applications
based on PLA to illustrate the range of possibilities offered by this versatile
biopolymer. To showcase the high heat capabilities of PLA, visitors are welcome
to enjoy a fresh cup of coffee at the Total Corbion PLA booth (hall 6 / booth E23), served in a PLA thermoformed cup. The cups are available under the naturesse product range by Pacovis. The cups are biobased, made from renewable materials and have a reduced carbon footprint compared to PS cups. In addition to coffee, Clipper tea –in PLA-based tea bags– and Sant’Anna water –in PLA bottles– will also be served to visitors.
PLA-lined paper cups, produced by EcNow Tech under their Earth Smart range,
will also be on display. Featuring a PLA lining that can withstand boiling water, they are a sustainable alternative to the traditional PE-lined variety based on oil-based plastics. The cups have a lower carbon footprint and can be industrially composted after use (where local facilities exist). Other high heat PLA applications on display at K 2019 include coffee capsules for Nespresso machines from ATI and tea bags from Nonwoven Network.
Pepsico and Danimer have developed a compostable PLA/PHA-based potato chip
packaging for the Chilean market. PLA/PHA-based drinking straws from Danimer are
another innovation that help reduce the environmental impact of plastics.
Additional PLA innovations include PLA-coated paper drinking straws from Shanghai Xinxin and PLA single-use shot glasses by Propac. A ‘slate-look’ bioplastic thermoformed black platter for attractive presentation of foods such as cheese, sushi and finger food has been developed by Pack & Proper. PLA pots from organic yoghurt brand Les 2 Vaches (Danone) will be on display, which replace traditional PS yoghurt pots, along with a thermoformed food tray from Cuki Professional.
Biobased and industrially compostable PLA trays for strawberries in the UK have
been launched by S&A Group and Voges, as well as compostable PLA breakfast
cereal packaging by TIPA in the Netherlands.
Durable innovations include PLA-based butterfly feeders from ABM and Belightful
Design, PLA bottle openers from ABM, PLA-based cosmetics jars by Berry
Bramlage, PLA computer mouse by Nager-IT and PLA rulers by Pratel in Italy.
Other examples of PLA applications include single-use PLA aprons from Gaia,
foamed ice cream packaging from Synprodo, compostable PLA food packaging from
Bio4Pack, PLA non-woven applications from Yangtze and PLA toothbrushes from
see pictures on

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