Corbion Range Enables Nimbleness and Consistency for Bakers

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. Corbion Range Enables Nimbleness and Consistency for Bakers
Portfolio of mixes, bases and concentrates makes it easy for bakers to deliver consistent, on-trend products in a complex and ever-changing market.

As bakers continue grappling with rising labor costs, perpetually changing consumer trends, and a shortage of skilled labor, Corbion has a solution - or rather, a range of solutions. We assembled a portfolio of mixes, bases and concentrates shaped by those realities, providing bakers a simpler way to quickly respond to emerging consumer preferences with products of consistently high quality.

"It's important that our customers are able to quickly adapt to changing trends, because that's what it takes to seize the hottest market opportunities," said Ashley Robertson, Market Manager-Bakery, at Corbion. "But no matter how many things are changing, consumers always have high expectations for consistent quality. Bakers need solutions that remove complexity and give them a leg up in rolling out new varieties that deliver on those expectations."

The breadth of Corbion's range reflects the versatility demanded of bakers today, encompassing mixes, bases and concentrates for traditional and ethnic varieties of bread, buns and rolls, bagels and English muffins, flatbreads, pizza doughs and tortillas, as well as sweet baked goods, from cakes and brownies to muffins, Danish pastries and more. It also includes fillings, icing stabilizers, flavor blends and inclusions such as whole grains and seeds. Some mixes require only the addition of water and yeast to complete the recipe.

"I think most bakers, big or small, would agree that there's more than enough complexity in the industry today," Robertson said. "We're offering our customers simplicity. Much of the hard work and creativity it takes to be a successful baker is already in these solutions, and that gives today's bakers the edge they need."

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