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Naturex Targets Healthy Aging with Two New Launches

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Algemeen advies 10/04/2017 11:37
10 Apr 2017 --- Naturex has strengthened its portfolio of healthy aging ingredients with the launch of two new products: ThinkBlue, a wild blueberry extract for cognitive health, and Turmipure, an organic turmeric extract for joint health. Both products will be available in May and can be used in food and beverage applications, with turmeric in particular becoming popular in functional beverages, Naturex spokesperson Eve Landen tells NutritionInsight.

ThinkBlue is an enhanced extract of wild blueberry that is associated with episodic memory improvement. The association of blueberry with episodic memory is based on a study conducted on healthy people aged 65-80 at a daily dose of 111mg, compared with a placebo. ThinkBlue has a distinct fingerprint of active phytochemicals, including anthocyanins, chlorogenic acids, flavanols, proanthocyanidins and flavonols, the company says, adding that the patented technology behind ThinkBlue leverages the intrinsic benefits of wild blueberry by improving the stability and bioavailability of key phytochemicals.
Additional cognitive research involving ThinkBlue is underway via a three-year research collaboration with the University of Reading, UK, which will further investigate the positive impact ThinkBlue may have on age-related cognitive decline.

“Turmeric is already a well-known ingredient because of its traditional use in Indian cuisine and its characteristic natural yellow color. Already in the ‘big movers’ category for the last 10 years, its popularity has grown considerably and it is now the most popular botanical on the market. Its success is largely due to 3 major points: growing science (there were 20 published studies in 1995, and more than 1000 in 2016), a growing list of associated health benefits (anti-inflammatory, digestive, cognitive, immunity), and an extended use in a wide variety of applications (water soluble versions are now available). It is a safe, effective botanical with a growing body of science that supports its benefits,” Landen says.

However, with its rising popularity come increased risks of problems in the supply chain, with potential issues including adulteration and a lack of traceability.

The company indicates that is has addressed such concerns through the Naturex Pathfinder initiative, by using only 100 percent traceable, sustainable and botanically authenticated organic certified turmeric extract. Sourced from Southern India, Turmipure is produced in line with global organic standards, without the use of pesticides or other chemicals.

ThinkBlue and Turmipure are produced in compliance with the Naturex Pathfinder program, an approach aimed at guaranteeing traceability, transparency and trust. Both products come with ID Packs, which contain full details of the processes in place to ensure only extracts of the highest purity are produced and delivered.

“These ingredients fit our Pathfinder program not only by following sustainable growing and sourcing practices, but also by providing fair wages to workers and a positive social impact in local communities,” Landen tells us.

“We have developed a sustainable and traceable supply chain that is unique to us, in which concerns about quality and the risk of adulteration have been eliminated. Through the Pathfinder program, Naturex is encouraging the market as a whole to raise its standards to those equivalent to certified organic. And just as importantly, we are also committed to investing in research and clinical studies that demonstrate the efficacy of both ThinkBlue and Turmipure,” Alexis Manfré, Category Manager for Naturex, says.

Source: Nutrition Horizon

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