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Algemeen advies 04/09/2019 14:08
. Web selling of EPS colorants could lead to more online sales
Holland Colours today announces the launch of a new colorants webshop aimed at simplifying the current colorant learning, decision-making and purchasing processes.

The webshop focuses on colorants for EPS, a special market that offers an opportunity to learn more about online sales in the plastic colorants industry.

“In our industry, most orders are still placed by phone, email or with a salesperson,” says Gina Provó Kluit, Global Marketing Director at Holland Colours, “but we’re all used to going online to learn about and shop for the products we need. Why should the colorants industry be different? By taking these first steps into e-commerce, we aim to provide existing and potential customers with a convenient way to shop for colorants online and learn more about what our customers want and how we can best serve them.”

The new web shop offers a standard range of seven colors for European EPS customers who can request samples and place orders online. These orders will be delivered within five working days. As well as standard colors, customers can also use the web shop to contact Holland Colours to discuss their custom-color requirements.

In a further benefit, the web shop also gives existing and potential customers fast access to the latest documentation anytime, anywhere, eliminating the need to wait for a call back or visit from a Holland Colours specialist.

The shop offers a complete online ordering process. Once a customer has selected the color and quantity they want, the system calculates the shipping time. The shop accepts all major credit cards. Questions that arise during the checkout process can be sent to webinfo@hollandcolours.com.

“While the scope of this first launch is limited to EPS, if the response to the web shop from customers is positive, we will look to broaden our e-commerce solutions,” says Provó Kluit. “We might roll the tool out to other markets. And we might also broaden our geographical scope. For now, however, the tool will only be available to customers in Europe.”

For more information about this media release, contact:
Gina Provó Kluit, * gprovokluit@hollandcolours.com

Visit the webshop by clicking on the button below:

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