Brill Launches New Journal: Bamboo and Silk

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14/11/2017 07:19
International publisher Brill launches a new journal, Bamboo and Silk, co-edited by Professor CHEN Wei at Wuhan University, China, and Professor Edward L. Shaughnessy at the University of Chicago, USA.

Bamboo and Silk is a peer-reviewed academic journal sponsored by the Center of Bamboo and Silk Manuscripts of Wuhan University. Based on unearthed Chinese bamboo and silk manuscripts from the pre-Qin period and Qin, Han, Wei and Jin Dynasties, the journal focuses on studies of character identification and textual reconstitution, and studies of the social, political, economic and legal systems as well as ideology, culture, language, customs and other aspects reflected by these manuscripts.

Brill adds this peer-reviewed journal to its growing publishing portfolio on China Studies. Bamboo and Silk will initially consist of two issues per year, and will be available online and in print. Its inaugural issue has been published in October:

Chief editor Professor CHEN Wei (Director of the Center of Bamboo and Silk Manuscripts, Wuhan) said: “Bamboo and silk manuscripts provide valuable sources for understanding the history and culture of the Warring States period, and the Qin and Han empires. Research on these materials has increasingly internationalized in the last years. With the journal Bamboo and Silk, we aim to provide a platform for scholars across the world to share their research and discuss the latest developments in this exciting field of scholarship.”

Chief editor Professor Edward L. Shaughnessy (Creel Distinguished Service Professor of Early China, The University of Chicago) adds: “The world of China Studies has been exhilarated and profoundly changed by the remarkable archaeological discoveries of the last half century. Of these discoveries perhaps the most important have been manuscripts written on bamboo and silk. Some of these manuscripts are new versions of texts long known, while many others are wholly new, introducing material never before seen. Bamboo and Silk makes the most authoritative scholarship on these manuscripts available to an international readership.”

The journal’s editorial board enthusiastically welcomes previously unpublished papers.

For general information about this journal, please contact Dr. Qin Higley, Senior Acquisitions Editor at Brill:, or visit

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